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Zero-Lot-Line House

Reviewed by Vineeth | Updated on Jan 29, 2021



Zero-lot-line houses are residential properties in which the property's structure touches the edge of the line of the property. The different categories of zero-lot-line houses are rowhouses, patio homes, garden homes, and townhomes. Mostly, they are attached or detached, single-storey or multi-storey buildings.

What is Zero-Lot-Line House?

They are built very close to the boundary of next house to utilise the available space well. As there is no space left, they are called 'zero lot'. Zero-lot-line houses are popular in big cities. These are mostly residential units.

Zero-lot-line homes are not only for the homebuyers with low income, but these houses are an excellent option for those who prefer small houses over huge ones.

Highlights of Zero-Lot-Line Houses

  1. Zero-lot-line houses fully utilise the dimensions of the site in construction.

  2. Zero-lot line houses are sought after in densely populated areas.

  3. They come with much more privacy as compared to condominium houses.

  4. Zero-lot-line houses may fetch fewer returns in the real estate market, especially when there is a market boom.

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