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For Salaried Individuals


Ideal for
  • Salaried employees with single Form 16
  • Salaried employees with interest or rental income
  • Salaried employees with one house property


Ideal for
  • Salaried Employees with multiple form 16
  • Salaried employees with more than one house property


Ideal for
  • Persons with capital gains from sale of property/stock/mutual funds
  • Salaried employees with ESOP in Indian companies

For NRIs and Foreign Income


Ideal for
  • Resident Indians with foreign stock options or bank account
  • Foreign citizens residing and earning income in India

NRI Plan

Ideal for
  • Indians living abroad but earning income from India
  • Indians living abroad but have sold shares/property in India

For Business and Professionals


Ideal for
  • Businesses having annual turnover under Rs. 2 cr.
  • Professionals & Freelancers having annual gross receipts under Rs. 50 lakh


Ideal for
  • Businesses having books of account
  • Professionals & Freelancers with bank statements and highlighted income & expenses


Ideal for
  • Intra-Day and Derivative Traders
  • Businesses & Professionals requiring books of accounts (upto 100 transactions per year)
  • Businesses needing to pay advance tax

Benefits of using ClearTax

Accurate & Tax Compliant

We auto-import information from your Form 16/ Form 26AS & process your tax return, with guided assistance through the filing process.

No more visits to Tax Consultants

A fully-online service means no need for office visits to the Tax Consultant. You can also Track your e-filing through ClearTax.

Save Taxes.   Build Wealth.

Our experts will assist you with tax saving investments based on your tax records. Exclusive access to Tools & Guides to assist you on your financial journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have purchased a tax filing plan. What do I do next?

Once your purchase a tax filing plan, you will receive an email requesting documents to help us with your return. If you are salaried, you need to login to your ClearTax Account and upload the required documents. You can login in and access your orders from here. As a minimum, you need to upload Form-16 and Form 26AS to help us assign you a chartered accountant. The CA will contact you and discuss your case before preparing the return.

What documents do I need to submit?

A document checklist will be emailed to you after you’ve purchased a plan. You can upload them on our 128-bit SSL encrypted document vault on your ClearTax Account. You will be access your orders from here.

Will I get CA assistance if I file my own returns?

No, you can avail of the CA assisted only for paid plans. But our awesome customer service will be able to address your basic tax queries.

I changed my job during the year. Which plan should i opt for?

Congrats on your new job. Two jobs implies you will have Form 16 from both the companies. We cover your tax returns in the Salary Plan itself. In this plan, a CA will consolidate your income from all the employers and prepare your tax return. If there are any tax exemptions you’ve missed out, a CA will help you claim it in the tax return.

I have taken a property on loan last year. Which plan should I opt for?

We all know Home loan can be a major burden. You deserve to save taxes on the loan. You need to opt for your House Property Plan. In this plan, a CA will review your principal and interest components and help you save taxes under the relevant section. The CA will file your return.

I live in a rented apartment but I have given my home on rent. Which plan should I opt for?

In this case, you will need to opt for House Property Plan. In this plan, a CA will consolidate all your income sources including income from rent and file your return.

I have salary arrears from my previous employment. Which plan should I opt for?

You need to opt for our Capital Gains Plan. We cover people who have arrears from previous employment here. Under this plan, a CA will prepare your tax return showing relief under Section 89(1), and will fill up the accompanying Form 10E on the Department website.

I hold stock of a foreign company as RSU/ESOPS. Which plan should I opt for?

You need to opt for the Foreign Income Plan. In this plan, a CA will prepare submit your tax return to the IT Department . He will also fill out foreign income-specific schedules and check relevant compliances with regard to Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement.

I have bought or sold shares in the last year. Which plan should I opt for?

You need to opt for the Capital Gains Plan.

I trade heavily on the stock markets. Which plan do I choose?

If you are a day trader and trade in future and derivatives and/or have loss to carry forward, you need to opt for our Traders Income Tax Plan.

I am a web developer and earn income from my freelancing business. Which plan should I opt for?

If you are a freelancer, your income is classified as business income and you need to opt for a business tax return. You can use our plan selector to determine the right plan for yourself and make the purchase. Alternatively, you may visit our business page to know about the plan.

I need to file returns for income earned during the period April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015. How can you assist?

We only support tax filing for the period starting from April 1, 2015. For filing for the prior period, you will need to speak to the concerned Assessing Officer.

How do I pay for this plan?

All major debit and credit cards accepted. You can also do an NEFT transfer to our account.

When will the CA get in touch with me?

Once you upload the required documents, we will assign you a CA. The CA should normally contact you on the same day when you share the documents.

When do I need to opt for a paid plan?

When you are seriously pressed for time and don’t want to do it yourself. When you need help getting a tax benefit that you’re not sure how to avail.

I have filed my own returns but need help to file for my spouse/friend. How can you help?

No sweat. You can use our plan selector to determine the right plan for your spouse or friend and recommend them to purchase the same. Alternatively, you can pay on their behalf.