GST Verification – Search Vendor GSTIN Online

As a GST registered dealer, you might want to do a GST Number (GSTIN) verification before entering it in your GST Returns.

The GST Portal enables businesses to verify their vendor GSTIN. This feature can be used by anyone free of cost – provided they have the vendors’ GSTIN.

Step 1:

Option 1: Click on Search Taxpayer > Search by GSTIN/UIN on the GST Portal homepage.

Option 2: Alternatively, once can verify GSTIN when logged in to the GST Portal. Login to the GST Portal

Step 2:  Click on Search Taxpayer on the menu bar. In the drop-down go to Search by GSTIN/UIN

Step 3 – Enter the GSTIN a.k.a. GST Number of the dealer in the box and click on Search

Step 4 – If the GSTIN is correct you will be able to see the information of the dealer.

If the GSTIN is incorrect, an error message will be displayed. In this case, you will have to contact your vendor and get the correct GSTIN.

If the GSTIN is correct, the details that can be verified here are-

  • Legal name of business
  • State
  • Date of registration
  • Construction of business – company, sole-proprietor or partnership
  • Taxpayer type – regular taxpayer or composition dealer

You can check the place of business of the registered dealer by clicking on the alternate tab. Click here to find out HSN / SAC Codes for goods and services.

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