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How to Generate and Digitally Sign Form-16 using ClearTDS

Please read the following guide to understand how to generate, sign and merge Form-16s using the software.

Step 1: Enter data for TRACES Part-A

If you would like to generate Form-16 Part-A, you can use our software to generate the Part A directly.

  • First, simply request for the Form-16 Part-A on the TRACES website.
  • TRACES will allow you to download a file containing the Form-16 Part-A information
  • This file is a .zip file. Please unzip the file and extract the .txt file on your desktop.
  • Click on the button that says "1 - Import from TRACES" and upload the .txt file you got from TRACES

Our software will automatically convert this requested download to PDF for you!

Step 2: Enter data for Form-16 Part-B

If you are already a user of ClearTax's Free Cloud based e-TDS Return Software and used it to prepare your TDS return you can directly create Form-16 along with your TDS Salary Annexure.

You can use ClearTDS to create the Form-16 Part-B even if you had not generated the original return using TaxCloud!

  • Click on the button "2 - Import from Excel".

  • Simply download the Form-16 Excel Template provided and fill in details about the salary for each employee. Just upload the file, and we will import all the details for you.

  • The Excel file has a second optional sheet you can fill up if you also want to generate Form 12BA / Salary Annexure for your employees.

  • Once you upload this excel file, you can now proceed towards preparing your Form-16.

Step 3: Generating Form-16

The software automatically merges the Part A & Part B PDF files and gives you a single combined PDF for each employee.

  • Click on the button "3 - Generate Form 16"

  • You can now download the Form-16 PDF files directly.

Guide to Digitally Signing Form-16 PDF

ClearTDS provides you with a free digital signature software that can be used to sign the PDF files with your USB Token.

This Digital Signing software will work will all types of USB tokens: Alladin, e-Pass, Trustkey, e-Pass2 etc.

  • Click here to download the free digital signature software.

  • Double click to install and after installation, please start the application.

  • Make sure the USB token has been inserted into your USB port and all the drivers required for it are installed.

  • For signing, the software will import all the PDFs from a specific folder and export the digitally signed version into another folder.

  • Mark the location of the input and output (source and destination folders) in the application.

  • Enter any other fields that are necessary

  • You can sign any Form-16 with this utility (even PDFs not generated using TaxCloud).

  • You can use this application to generate any number of Form-16 files

Guide to Merging Your Form-16 PDFs

You can use ClearTax Form-16 Generation software even if you already have Form-16 PDF files and you want to:

  • Only generate either Part A or Part B
  • Merge Part A and Part B into one single PDF
  • Digitally Sign the PDF file with your Digital Signature

If you already have Part-A PDF files, but want need to generate Part B

  • You can upload the Part-A PDF files to TaxCloud
  • You can prepare & upload TaxCloud's Excel for to generate Part B
  • TaxCloud will automatically merge the PDF files you had uploaded with the Part B!

If you already have Part-B PDF files but need to generate Part-A and merge into one document:

  • You can upload the Part-B PDF files to TaxCloud
  • You can get the Part-A TRACES file to TaxCloud
  • TaxCloud will automatically generate the Part-A and merge it with your Part-B PDF file for you.

Even if you have both Part-A and Part-B PDF files, you can simply upload them to TaxCloud and the software will merge the files and give you a combined PDF for each employee.