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India’s leading online cloud based e-TDS solution with no software downloads, file your client’s or business’ TDS returns and generate Form-16s online

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Save taxes

Find and use all unconsumed challans from the past 2 years

Traces integration

Auto-import any file for previous TDS returns

Regular/correction e-TDS

Prepare regular & correction e-TDS statements online

Improve speed

Allow multiple CAs to work on same deductor at same time

Deductor dashboard

Find all deductor information in the same dashboard

FVU handling

Online FVU generation and submission at one place

Go error-free

Bulk PAN verification for all deductee in a deductor's TDS

Early warning system

Detects potential TDS notices that may come from TRACES

Single click Form 16s

Prepare, merge and email Form 16 A, B & Form16A

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Save money and file TDS returns

Detect and use all unconsumed challans from the past 2 years. Compatible with TDS returns of previous financial years. Never get a notice again. Save money. Save time.


Identify delayed payments, unconsumed challans and save money. Prepare your TDS returns in the product.


Enter deductor info seamlessly. Integrate with TRACES for previous year TDS returns, Excel compatible for uploads and downloads of files and utilities


No more clerical errors. Match PANs with those in TRACEs records, in bulk or one-by-one. Generate utilities from IT portal within product


Upload FVUs online seamlessly. Draft, merge and mail Form 16 Part A, Part B and Form 16A all in a single click.


Pre-set alerts on unconsumed challans and early warning systems on late payments. No more late filing fee notices.

Process multiple returns,
parallelize work

Get more clients processed at the same time. Allow team to work on same client in parallel. Assign multiple clients to single team member.

Same deductor

Multiple employees

Multiple deductor

Single employee

List of compliance statuses

Preferred TDS filing mode for 5,000+ tax experts

The challan validation feature is very good, it helped me identify issues with my challans. And I did not get any notices from TIN since I started using ClearTDS.

RK Sharma

Sharma and Associates

I was paying ₹1,000 to my tax counseller every month for generating TDS returns for my small business. With ClearTDS, I'm now able to do this on my own.

Rekha Verma

Euro Kids Franchisee

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