Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a method of marketing through third-party service providers. These third-party services can be publishing services facilitating traffic or generating leads for a company’s services or products. The third-party publishers are affiliates for the company using their services.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing:

  • Affiliate marketing is based on an internet platform. Affiliates create content or post reviews of products or services made or provided by a company. The affiliates are paid based on the leads generated or the traffic generated by them. A company hiring marketing affiliates compensates them with a commission or other fee.

  • The most commonly known affiliate marketing program of the corporate is from Amazon. Under the program, bloggers or affiliate websites place links to the Amazon page relating to the products or services discussed or reviewed. Thus, effectively affiliate marketing outsources marketing and selling to a wide external network.

  • Affiliate marketing is a small component of digital marketing done on the Internet. In addition to digital marketing, data analytics and the use of cookies have made online marketing an industry worth billions of dollars.

  • In affiliate marketing, the company can take a count of how many leads are converted into sales. Marketing affiliates are hired for e-commerce sales. The traditional brick and mortar structures too hire marketing affiliates for digital sales. The affiliate promotes the goods and services of the manufacturer for a payment.

  • The affiliate may employ different types of advertisement formats such as text advertisements, banner advertisements, e-mail marketing, or posting links on different websites owned by such affiliate.

Summing It Up:

The purpose of affiliate marketing is to boost sales through a wider penetration. Affiliate marketers may be freelancers or full-fledged business organisations. Affiliates also use video marketing, including demonstrating a product. They also redirect traffic to the product or service page after a click on the advertisement banner. Affiliate marketers are also paid on per click or per-impression basis.

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