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Who is an Assignor?

Assignors are individuals, entities, and companies who are allowed to transfer rights they have on other entities. In other words, a person or entity who has the power to transfer the rights of a contract to another party is called the assignor.

The person to whom the assignor transfers the rights is referred to as the assignee. The assignors are often individuals who have the rights reserved to execute a will on their demise.

What You Should Know of Assignors

  1. Assignors can be grantors for their assignments.

  2. Assignors can select relatives and trusted associates to take up the responsibility for disposing of their property rights.

  3. The rights that an assignor would grant may be modified by some legal actions.

  4. Every assignment can carry a unique set of terms and conditions.

  5. The assignment can be of any nature, such as granting an assignment, liability, or appointing a person in the place of another person in certain situations.

  6. The rights assigned by the assignor can still be nullified by certain legal actions.

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