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Automatic Savings Plan

Reviewed by Sujaini | Updated on Jan 29, 2021


What is an Automatic Savings Plan?

An automatic savings plan is a form of a personal saving scheme in which the donor to the plan automatically deposits a fixed sum of funds into his account at prescribed intervals. This type of typical structure is an automatic transfer every two weeks from an individual's salary account to a savings or investment account.

The allocated amount is automatically transferred to the savings account of the individual each time the person receives a paycheck from his or her employer.

Understanding Automatic Savings Plan

An automatic savings program has other benefits than only the ease of not having to deposit funds manually into savings each month. This system, for example, makes it easier to adhere to a personal budget, because it becomes more challenging to overspend and tap into your savings as they are automatically deducted from your bank account.

This programme often allows investors to continue adding money to their investment portfolio over a long period, which can also become emotionally challenging to keep up with on a few investments or other interactions after experiencing losses.

Direct Deposit Into Savings Plan

An automated savings program isn't challenging to set up. Link it to your checking account after you have formed a savings account. You can request for direct deposit from there by your employer. You can opt to get a portion of your paycheck deposited directly into your savings account per cycle with the remainder going to search.

Automatic Savings Plan and a Personal Financial Plan

An automatic savings program can be a vital part of a bigger financial plan for citizens. Personal finance covers all individual or household financial decisions and operations, including earnings, deposits, assets, and expenses. There are different items related to personal finance, such as credit cards, life and home insurance, mortgages, and a range of investment vehicles.

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