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What is Meant by Broadband?

Broadband refers to a high-speed, high-capacity transmission medium which can carry signals from various independent network carriers. It is carried out on a single fibre-optic or coaxial cable by installing different bandwidth channels. Broadband technology enables a wide range of frequencies and is used to transmit data, voice, and video over long distances parallelly.

Broadband Explained

The two defining features of broadband are its high-speed quality and availability round-the-clock. Both of these features distinguish broadband from the older dial-up connections. The dial-ups were both slower and were not always on. But when it was on, it usually interfered with the phone network.

Broadband gives more flexibility in usage than dial-up. Even though it's similar to dial-up, it offers to connect homes and businesses to the Internet and a community of global online users.

Capacities of Broadband

Certain government departments gave precise definitions of broadband which include the minimum download and upload speeds. These include a certain number of megabits per second. The download, upload, and media consumption abilities of broadband are much higher than dial-up.

But the exact volume depends upon the particular type of broadband used and the location of the user. The broadband speed also makes online gaming and interactive services feasible.

Broadband Evolution in India

Far too long, India's internet action lay centred in its metro cities, leaving out even relatively big cities such as Lucknow. The emerging online access promotion into smaller cities and rural India occurred primarily via mobile data transmitted over the wireless spectrum. Home broadband was not anywhere in the picture.

In late 2014, Airtel network's average user used 622 megabytes (MB) of data in a month. By the end of 2018, the user numbers had grown by three times, but despite a broader base, the average data usage stood at 10GB a month.

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