Chip-And-PIN Card

Reviewed by Vineeth | Updated on Nov 11, 2021



A chip-and-PIN card is either a debit or credit card, which has the card-related data embedded in a chip and needs cardholders to enter the personal identification number (PIN) to complete transactions.

What is Chip-And-PIN Card?

Chip-and-PIN cards are also referred to as EMV cards. These cards are considered much safer than the magnetic stripe cards as the technology used in the chip is of high security and requires users to enter their PIN to authorise a transaction.

Highlights of Chip-And-PIN Card

  1. Chip-And-PIN cards are of the same size as magnetic stripe cards.

  2. Chip-And-PIN cards have the payment processor's logo, card issuer's logo, card number, expiry date, and CVV printed on it.

  3. Some chip-And-PIN cards have the facility of tap and pay, which uses near-field technology.

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