Continuing Education

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Continuing education is a broad term which refers to students pursuing their post-secondary or university-level education after some gap. The term 'continuing education' is popularly used in the North American countries of Canada and the United States of America. Continuing education in Ireland and the United Kingdom refers to 'further education'.

The learning of the course details predominantly happens at a remote place with minimal help from teachers. However, the students need to appear and pass an examination before which they would not be awarded the degree.

What is Continuing Education?

Typically, the continuing education courses are offered by a department or a separate school for continuing education of a university or college. This has facilitated those that want to get back to learning in order to gain certain knowledge or skills.

What is the current situation?

Certain jobs need applicants to have a particular degree against their names for consideration, which forces students to go back to the classroom. But, not all would have the privilege to give up their employment for some time in order to gain knowledge through formal learning.

Continuing education courses are specially designed for these people. With continuing education, students learn on their own with very little to no knowledge transfer happening from a teacher, but would take up an examination before being accorded with a degree. With the help of continuing education, there are so many individuals being awarded a graduate and postgraduate degrees on a yearly basis in India.

How to implement Continuing Education in different scenarios?

Continuing education is popular amongst those who have taken up a job or running their own venture, and would like to have a degree against their name. This mode of education does not need students to attend classes as regular students do.


General continuing education is comparable to adult education. Courses that come under continuing education are intended only at the adult population.

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