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Convenience Check

Reviewed by Apoorva | Updated on Jan 29, 2021



Convenience checks are blank checks the credit card companies send to customers. It can be used to pay off their outstanding balances on other cards, secure a cash advance, or make new purchases.

What is Convenience Check?

Convenience checks come with a special set of fees and some limitations based on how they are used. They are mostly a marketing tool and act as an additional mode through which credit can be utilised. An appealing offer will be attached to the usage of convenience checks.

Is Convenience Check Optional?

Cardholders can choose to opt-out of marketing offers, such as convenience checks. Consumers can call the company to decline future offers. A consumer may want to opt-out of such offers as they only look like low-cost tools to access credit; however, there may be a number of unexpected costs involved. For example, cash advance involves a set of fees.

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