Economically Weaker Section,EWS

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Introduction to the Economically Weaker Section

The economically weaker section (EWS) is the section of the society in India that belongs to the un-reserved category and has an annual family income of less than 8 lakh rupees. This category includes people that do not belong to the caste categories of ST/SC/OBC who already enjoy the benefits of reservation.

The government of India introduced a 10% reservation to this category of people who are not included in the ST/SC/OBC category but belong to the un-reserved category and fulfill the economically weaker section criteria.

The candidates eligible for the economically weaker section reservation are from the general category that can now enjoy a reservation of 10% if they fulfill the criteria to fall under this category.

Eligibility Criteria for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS)

A 10% reservation in government jobs and educational institutes for the economically weaker section or EWS of the general category was approved by the union council of India in the year 2019. This reservation was decided to be over and above the 50% reservation that is mandatory for the ST/SC/OBC categories, so it ensures that these existing reservations are not affected by the reservation under the economically weaker section or EWS.

If you are an aspiring government job seeker or a student aspiring for admission in your dream institute, who happens to fall in the general category, you can enjoy this 10% reservation under the economically weaker section or EWS, provided you meet the eligibility criteria, which is as follows:

  • You must fall under the general category which means you cannot belong to the SC/ST/OBC categories who already have reservations and the MBC category in case of Tamil Nadu.
  • Your annual family income should be below 8 lakh rupees. An annual income of above 8 lakh cannot be considered as economically weak and hence cannot fall under the economically weaker section (EWS).
  • If your family owns any agricultural land, it should be less than 5 acres.
  • If you or your family owns a flat, the area of the flat should be less than 1000 square feet.

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