Expired Card

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An expired card is a debit/credit card that can no longer be used because its expiration date has passed. Such a card will be rejected if a consumer tries to use it to make a purchase.

How to Identify an Expired Card?

Credit and debit cards are issued with a four-digit expiry date, usually printed on the front of the card. If a card expires in November 2021, the expiry date will be printed as 11/21. Though the exact day is not specified, the card will not expire until the last day of the month.

What to do with an Expired Card?

The card company will send a new card with a new expiry date to the consumer several weeks before the existing card expires. This practice ensures that the customer continues to be a customer irrespective of the card's expiry. The new card will be linked to the same account number as the expired card, but a different expiration date and the three-digit CVV code will be given. The new card's number will also vary from the expired one.

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