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A "hypermarket", sometimes called a "supercentre" or "superstore", is a big-box store with a supermarket and a department store combined. The result is an enormous shopping facility that brings under one roof a wide variety of items, including full supermarket lines and general merchandising.

In principle, hypermarkets in one trip allow consumers to meet all their daily shopping needs. French trade expert, Jacques Pictet, invented the word hypermarket (French: hypermarché) in 1968.

Carrefour opened their first hypermarket in St Genevieve-de-Bois near Paris, France, in 1963. Stores were using labels, such as "mega-stores" and "warehouse" stores to reflect their increasing scale by the end of the twentieth century.

Understanding Hypermarket

Similar to many large-box retailers, hypermarkets usually have business models that rely on high-volume, low-margin sales. They typically occupy an area of 5,000 to 15,000 square meters (54,000 to 161,000 square ft) and generally have more than 200,000 different product brands available at any time.

Many hypermarkets prefer suburban or out-of-town locations which are easily accessible by car due to their broad footprints. Hypermarkets have a one-stop shopping experience for the shoppers.

The concept behind this massive box store is to provide customers with all the products they need under one roof. Some of the popular hypermarkets include the Wal-Mart Supercenter, Super Kmart and Fred Meyer. Hypermarkets that include warehouse-like stores and also sell products in discount stores or speciality stores.

Hypermarkets in India

Hypermarkets sell a wide variety of items at one location, including foodstuffs, clothing, clothes and beverages. So, you don't have to walk around the market to shop for different things for your home, personal care, clothing needs, and other stuff you need in your daily life.

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