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A lobby is a set of people with a similar mindset, who get together to have their influence over the authority or decision-making body and get results in their favour. Lobbies are formed to have their say and request for something to go their way. This includes inducing government officers to pass an order, which would benefit the lobby or revoke an order, which is not in line with the intentions of the lobby.

Lobbies include a group of individuals or organisations. There is a possibility of lobbies being well-funded by industrialists. As there is a significant effect that lobbies could have, government and elected members of legislations, sometimes, feel that there is a need to alleviate the lobbies or have the activities of lobbies under someone’s purview.

Is Lobbying Bad?

People who think practically will have a notion that it is natural in a democratic process to compete with the intent of being beneficiary. However, there are chances that a group of people forming a lobby may push for something that is in their interest but is against society.

For instance, a group of industrialists will form a lobby and approach the government. They start lobbying for the government to allow more industries to manufacture tobacco-based products and arms. This would benefit the lobby but not society. Supporting the manufacture of tobacco products will harm the environment as more and more people will access the products and cause health disorders as well as air pollution.

Is Lobbying Good?

There are groups of individuals and organisations that strive hard to do good for society. There are lobbies that advocate government to protect the environment and relentlessly lobby against such activities in the name of development. However, these lobbies are not well-funded like the ones that function to benefit specific groups.

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