Occupancy Certificate

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Occupancy certificates are issued by the agencies and authorities of local government, which declares that the building is constructed as per the plans that were approved by the concerned authorities. Occupancy certificate is issued when a property is ready to be occupied.

This certificate indicates that the building is equipped with civic needs such as sanitation, water, and electricity. This is a very important document, and the prospective buyers of an upcoming apartment should necessarily ask for this.

If the builder is not able to obtain this document from the concerned department, then it means that building is not equipped with the civic amenities and is probably not constructed in accordance with the plans that were approved by the concerned departments.

Importance of Occupancy Certificate

Every prospective buyer should ask for the occupancy certificate from the builder or seller. If the property is not possessing the occupancy certificate, it can be razed anytime with no prior intimation as it is deemed to be built by violating the norms and plans.

If the occupancy certificate is not produced and an individual still goes on to buy the same, the resale of the house will not be possible. If a residential property with no occupancy certificate is bought, civic amenities, such as electricity and water supply can be disconnected anytime.

Hence, if the occupancy certificate for a house is not available, it is advisable that individuals refrain from buying the same. The occupancy certificate is the final approval from the government that the house is built legally and is safe to be occupied.

Documents Needed to Obtain Occupation Certificate

To obtain an occupancy certificate, one must provide a copy of the sanctioned plan, NOC for pollution and fire, completion certificate, commencement certificate, sanctioned plan, area computations (signed by a commissioned architect), acceptable photos of the building, photos of solar panels, and rainwater harvesting.

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