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Steps to activate your SIP through Kotak Netbanking:

  1. Go to kotak netbanking page
  2. Login with your credentials into your account.
  3. Go to BillPay/Recharge.

SIP in kotak bank-Welcome

3. Select Click here to add a biller

SIP in kotak bank-Add biller


4. Select the Mutual Funds option and select the mutual fund company that you wish to add(Eg: Axis Mutual Fund ISIP)

SIP in kotak bank-Select mutual fund

5. You will come to the biller details screen. Enter the following as described in the image below:

  • Add any nick name to identify the SIP(Eg: Axis SIP)
  • Add unique registration number(URN) for that fund shared with you.
  • Set Autopay as Yes.
  • Set Bill amount as Pay full amount.
  • Set pay via bank account
  • Select account number from the drop down list
  • Click Add biller to save

SIP in kotak bank-Biller details

6. Click on confirm to add the biller.

SIP in kotak bank-confirm biller


Why should you do this?

  • Hasslefree – You do it once and every month your investments get done automatically.
  • Paperless – No need to sign any cheques or courier any documents.
  • Secure – It’s completely safe as all your investments go through your net banking account.