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Every customer wishes to get value for the products they purchase. Keeping this in mind, the Government of India has established a body known as the Bureau Of Indian Standards (hereinafter called BIS). BIS lays down standards (Indian Standards) with regard to the quality and safety of the goods. Further, those products which adhere to the standards mentioned by BIS are certified. The BIS reviews the Indian Standards once in 5 years.

BIS was formerly called the Indian Standards Institution and is a founder member of the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation).

BIS oversees the following activities :

  • Standards Formulation
  • Product Certification Scheme
  • Compulsory Registration Scheme
  • Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme
  • Hall Marking Scheme
  • Laboratory Services
  • Laboratory Recognition Scheme
  • Sale of Indian Standards
  • Consumer Affairs Activities
  • Promotional Activities
  • Training Services, National & International level
  • Information Services

Unless specifically mentioned, the adoption of Indian Standards is voluntary. However, an Indian Standard shall be binding if it is mentioned in the contract or made mandatory either by law or orders of the Government.

Inspection of goods, article, process, system or service:

  • The Bureau may carry out inspections, with respect to products or services where certification to Indian Standards is mandatory.
  • The inspections may be in India or outside India
  • The quality control system, records may be inspected. Further, the BIS may also test samples.

Who can apply for registration?

  • Manufacturers of notified products located in India or outside India under Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS). However, a –
    • Separate Registration for products manufactured at different locations.
    • Separate Registration for each brand manufactured at the same location is needed

List of products to be compulsorily registered is available at

What are the steps for registration?


steps for registration of BIS

Additional Points to remember

  • Foreign applicants with no liaison office or branch office located in India have to appoint Authorised Indian Representative
  • All applicants located in India, as well as authorised Indian Representatives of applicants located outside India, have to submit an affidavit cum undertaking in the prescribed format.

Documents to be submitted with the Application


  • Copy of the acknowledgement received from the portal screenshot of the online file submission
Address Proof 1) Business License or

2) Any other document issued by the Government

Fees 1) Demand Draft along with the photocopy of DD

2) NEFT Details

Signatory for Application
  • If Application is not signed by the CEO, authority letter from CEO (Authorised signatory needs to be an employee)
Form VI
  • Form to be filled online(Signed and sealed)
Brand Name
Registered Brands Unregistered brands
Owned by themselves- Registration
Copy of TM application,
if applied for
Owned by others – Authorisation letter
/ agreement from the brand owner
If owned by others – Authorisation letter/
agreement from the brand owner
Undertaking  Please attach the undertaking
Affidavit Foreign Manufacturer –  Nomination Form of the Authorised Representative sealed and signed

Liaison Office/Branch Office of the
applicant is in India
Brand owner or registered
user of the brand is in India
Other entity is
Proof: Liason/ Branch Office is in
India – Certificate from the Registrar
of Companies or any statutory document
Proof: Document proving the
nominee as the Brand Owner or
Proprietor or Registered User of the
respective Brand/Trademark
Declaration: Brand owner
does not have a
user of brand in India.
Affidavit cum undertaking as per Format
A (On Rs 100/-non-judicial stamp
paper and notarized) + authorization Letter-
From the authorized employee of the office
Proof: To authenticate the identity
of the nominee (Certificate issued by
Registrar of Companies, etc);
Proof: Legal status of the entity) –
Document such as Certificate
issued by Registrar of Companies,
Registered Partnership Deed, etc;
ID Proof of the affidavit signatory Affidavit cum undertaking as per
Format B (On Rs 100/-non-judicial
stamp paper and notarized) +
Authorization Letter – From the
Brand Owner/Proprietor/ Registered
User of the Brand/Trademark located in
India or its CEO/MD/authorized employee.
ffidavit cum undertaking as
per Format B (on Rs 100/-non-judicial
stamp paper and notarized) +
Authorization Letter by the
employee of the said
entity located in India.
ID Proof of the affidavit signatory ID Proof of the affidavit signatory
Indian manufacturer
  • Affidavit as per Format C
  • Authorization letter from the CEO.if affidavit is signed by authorised signatory who should be an employee of the company
  • ID Proof – Affidavit signatory
Test Report  Please attach the test report

BIS portal for others

The BIS Portal is not just for manufacturers. An unhappy consumer of a BIS Certified Product can raise a complaint online on the portal. The complaint can be lodged on the following:

  1. Quality of BIS certified product.
  2. Products under Registration Scheme.
  3. Hallmarked products.
  4. Services of BIS
  5. Activities of BIS such as Standard Formulation, Product and Management Systems Certification, Laboratory testing etc.
  6. Unauthorized use of BIS Standard Mark by licensees/applicants/others.
  7. Irregularities in operation and misuse of license by BIS licensees.
  8. False/misleading advertisements and claims by licensees/applicants/non-licensees.
  9. Delays in grant/renewal of licenses and delays in inclusion of additional varieties.
  10. Services rendered by BIS officers and employees.

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