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ClearTax Tally Patch has a simple way to export your purchase data from Tally for filing.

  1. You don’t have to convert GSTR-2A from JSON to Excel.
  2. You can use advanced features of ClearTax GST such as automatic matching and reconciliation.

Filing of GSTR-2 requires you to accept and match your purchases from GSTR-2A. GSTR-2A has purchases reported by those who sell to you. To begin with, one has to convert the GSTR-2A Form (from GST Portal) from JSON to Excel format and then, match and reconcile purchase data.
The matching and reconciliation of your purchase data while filing for GSTR-2 is very easy and simple on the ClearTax GST Software.


cleartax tally
Let’s see how GSTR-2 has been made easy by ClearTax for Tally users-

By using ClearTax GST Software Without using ClearTax GST Software
Download each supplier’s GSTR-2A data in a single click. Not possible
GSTR-2A is available in excel automatically The GSTR-2A is downloaded from GSTN only in JSON format. It has to be converted to excel after downloading.
Review you and your supplier’s data simultaneously. You see only suppliers’ bills and then match each bill with the data stored in your accounting software
Automatic mismatch report between your data and supplier’s data. Supplier data and your data has to be reviewed separately.

How ClearTax Tally Patch work?

  • Export all purchase data in less than a minute using the patch
  • Upload the exported file on ClearTax GST software
  • Software will automatically prepare a mismatch report and prepare the return form for you
  • Review your mismatch report
  • You are ready to file GSTR 2

Note: ClearTax Tally Patch works on all versions of Tally ERP 9 release 6 onwards

Setting Up ClearTax Tally Patch

Setting up Tally Patch is a simple 6 step process. Follow the steps to file your GSTR-2 in a few minutes.The elaborated process with screenshots has been specified in the slides.

Steps to set up Tally Patch and move the data to ClearTax GST software:



Step 1– Download the Tally Patch. The file will be downloaded in ZIP format.

Step 2– Copy TCP File and paste it in the Tally folder.

Step 3– Open Tally, select your entity and go to ‘Configuration Settings’. ( follow the process as mentioned in the slides )

Step 4– Export purchased data to ClearTax by going to ‘ClearTax Module’ under ‘Reports’. Make sure you set the period as per the month for which you intend to file your GSTR-2.

Step 5 – Login to your ClearTax account and upload the Excel exported from Tally.


Filing GSTR-2 is getting easier and simpler than you thought. To file your return using ClearTax GST, refer to our guide on GSTR-2 return filing.

Export your Purchase Data from Tally

ClearTax GST is compatible with all versions of Tally & the export of purchase date for GSTR 2 is very easy.

No system configuration required
No need to upgrade your existing Tally software
Supports all versions of Tally


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