File GST Returns with ClearTax to avoid errors and save time

Are you maintaining Accounts on Tally? Use the Tally Connector feature to file your GSTR-1, GSTR-2 and GSTR-3B through ClearTax GST Desktop App in no time!

No need to use the conventional excel to fetch your tally data to file GST returns.

1. What is ClearTax Tally Connector?

Many Businesses use Tally ERP to maintain their accounts and have to download the data in order to file a minimum of two GST returns every month.  Organisations can now focus on growing their Business as ClearTax takes care of compliance.

ClearTax GST has come up with the solution ClearTax GST Desktop App by which users can now effortlessly directly export sales data from Tally into ClearTax GST for filling GST returns in a single click. Moreover, there is no need to use excel or spreadsheet.

Not only tax compliance is taken care off, enjoy various value-adds that give smart business insights on a single dashboard such as GSTR-1 v/s GSTR-3B, GSTR-2A v/s GSTR 3B, multi-branch activity dashboard and many more…

The benefits of using ClearTax Tally Connector feature are as follows:

  1. Provides seamless import of sales data from Tally in a click of a button.
  2. Allows you to track all clients’ filing status on single dashboard.
  3. Validates with the GST rules while importing of data. Vouchers that do not meet GST validations will be reported to you promptly.
  4. Reduces your data preparation time significantly.
  5. No requirement to use Excel for exporting from Tally and pushing the filing data onto government portal.
  6. Summarises your imported data in the required format for faster reconciliation. (On the tab ‘Prepare data’ of the ClearTax GST software)

2. What are Prerequisites to use ClearTax Tally Connector?

Prerequisites for using Tally connector are:

1. Compatible with Tally ERP of version 6.4.2 and above

2. Ensure that the system is updated with Java version 8 of update 171, Check for the latest version of JAVA.

3. Sign up with ClearTax GST and download the ClearTax GST Desktop App. Sign up to begin!

4. Tally should not be customised.

5. Data to be maintained at GSTIN level (Not at the PAN level).

3. How to set-up ClearTax Tally Connector?

On ClearTax GST software

Step 1: Download Desktop App by following these steps: ‘Login’ to ClearTax GST → On the ‘All Clients’ Dashboard, Click on ‘Download Now’ against the ClearTax GST Desktop App to download the app.

tally connector

Step 2: Once the app is downloaded, install the .exe file → ‘Login’ to the Desktop App with ClearTax GST login credentials. If already downloaded click on ‘ClearTax GST Desktop app’ button on your desktop.

tally connector

On Tally.ERP

Step 1: Open ‘Tally ERP 9’ on your desktop → In the ‘Gateway of Tally’ → Press ‘F12:Configure’
tally connector
Step 2: Now select ‘Advanced Configuration’ to proceed further
tally connector
Step 3: Under ‘Tally ERP 9 is acting as’ option → Select ‘Both’. Thereafter, Under the ‘Enable ODBC server’ option → Select ‘Yes’. Lastly, under the ‘Port’ option → Select ‘9000’ to proceed

tally connector

tally connector

tally connector

Step 4: To save the changes made and restart Tally.ERP 9 → Click on ‘Yes’ option
tally connector
Step 5: Go to the browser → Enter http://localhost:9000 7 in the search bar → To check that Tally ERP 9 server is running
tally connector

Note: If Tally is installed on another computer, then instead of the localhost you can enter ip address in the above URL. For example, if Tally is installed on a computer with ip address of then enter in the browser to see the above message.

The connection is successfully established between the Tally and the ClearTax GST software.

4. How to use ClearTax Tally Connector?

Step 1: Login to ClearTax GST Desktop app→ Select a ‘Business’ → Under the ‘Returns’ tab → Select ‘GSTR-1’

tally connector

Step 2: Under the ‘Import data’ tab → Choose the ‘Fetch Data from Tally’ option → Click on ‘Fetch Data’ button

Note: Make sure to select the ‘Return Period’ for which you want to import the data.

tally connector

Note: Before importing data from Tally, make sure the same Business/GSTIN is open in Tally. If not, then go to Tally and open the business for which you want to file GSTR-1. Then go back to the Desktop app and click on ‘Try again’ button.

tally connector

Step 3: The ClearTax GST Desktop app will check connection with Tally.
Note: Please note that Sales Books through journal invoices will not be pulled from Tally, you need to add those manually to ClearTax.

tally connector

If there is an error while connecting the ClearTax Desktop App and Tally, the following screen will appear:

tally connector

The following can be reasons for the same:

  1. Please ensure that you have properly followed the steps for configuring Tally.
  2. If the Tally is running on another machine, enter it’s IP address in Tally host.
  3. If the Tally is running on another port, enter the port number in Tally port.
  4. In the screen, the Tally is running on and port 5000 so enter the same and click on ‘Try again’.

tally connector

Note: In case you are facing issues while connecting with Tally, follow these steps to check your Anti-virus and Windows defender configuration.

Step 4: Please ensure that you are filing for the correct return period. You can change the return period from the top right corner of the GST Desktop App. You can also pull data for previous months. Once done, click on ‘Start import’ button.

tally connector

Step 5: The ClearTax GST Desktop app will start importing data from Tally for the selected period.

tally connector

Once the data is pulled, if there are any errors you can click on the ‘Open Error File’ button to view the errors in the invoices/CDNs in an excel format.

tally connector

Open the Excel sheet to view the errors in detail. You can rectify the errors in Tally against the respective invoices/CDNs.

tally connector

Step 6: Once the errors are rectified → Go back to the Desktop app and under the ‘Import data’ tab → Choose the ‘Fetch Data from Tally’ option → Click on ‘Fetch Data’ button

Note: Make sure to select the ‘Return Period’ for which you want to import the data.

Tally connector

Step 7: Now all the Data is successfully imported → Click on ‘Proceed to file’ to file GSTR-1.

tally connector
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