File GST Returns with ClearTax to avoid errors and save time

Are you maintaining Accounts on Tally? Use ClearTax Tally Connector to file your GSTR-1, GSTR-2 and GSTR-3B through ClearTax GST software in under 3 mins!

1. What is ClearTax Tally Connector?

Many Businesses use Tally ERP to maintain their accounts and have to download the data in order to file a minimum of 3 GST returns every month.  Organisations can now focus on growing their Business as ClearTax takes care of compliance.

ClearTax GST has come up with the solution by which users can now effortlessly directly export data from Tally into  ClearTax GST for filling GST returns instantly.

Not only tax compliance is taken care off, enjoy various value-adds that throw intelligent business insights like GSTR-1 v/s GSTR-3B, GSTR-2A v/s GSTR 3B, multi-branch activity dashboard and many more…

2. What are Prerequisites to use ClearTax Tally Connector?

Prerequisites for using Tally connector are:

1. Compatible with Tally ERP of version 6.4.2 and above

2. Ensure that the system is updated with Java version 8 of update 171, Check for the latest version of JAVA.

3, Account with ClearTax GST. Sign in now!

3. How to set-up ClearTax Tally Connector?

Step 1: Download Tally Connector by following these steps: Login to ClearTax GST > GSTR-1 > Prepare Data > Either ‘Upload Tally/Busy’ or ‘Upload Excel’


Step 2: Open the folder where Tally Connector files are downloaded and copy all of them

(2)2018-06-08 19_09_03-Tally requirements
Step 3: On the desktop, Right-click on “Tally .ERP9” and click on “Open File Location”

image (4)
Step 4: Paste all the files, copied in Step 2 in the Tally file location

Step 5: Open the file ClearTax_Credentials

5 6
Step 6: In Tally file location, copy the address of TCP file location

Step 7: Open Tally > Select your company > Click on “Configure” (F12) > Click on “Product & features” > Click on “Manage Local TDL”(F4)

Step 8: Paste the location (address)of the TCP file which was copied in Step 6 at “List of TDL files to preload on startup”

Once the TCP is loaded, click “Esc” and you can find “ClearTax Module” button in the Gateway of Tally page.



4. How to use ClearTax Tally Connector?

Step 9: Once the TCP is loaded, click “Esc” and then click on “ClearTax  Module” in the Gateway of Tally page

Step 10: Once you click “ClearTax Module”, you will see:
1. Sales GSTR1- Click this if you want to file GSTR-1 i.e Sales Data
2. Credit Debit Notes of GSTR1
3. Purchase GSTR2- Click this if you want to file GSTR-2 i.e Purchase Data
4. Credit Debit Note GSTR2

5. GSTR-3B




Step 11: After clicking Sales GSTR1, select the period for which you want to upload data to ClearTax portal

Step 12: Click on ClearTax Upload (Alt + U) to upload data into ClearTax

Step 13: Confirm your mail id


Step 14: Confirm your GSTIN

Step 15: An Excel file (log file) opens up with its status (with a success or a failure status for each Tally entry)

Step 16: ClearTax portal will automatically open up where you can view all the documents which are successfully imported. Now proceed to file the desired Return in GSTR-1/GSTR-2 as the case may be.



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