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The DSC has to be obtained from the government recognized certifying authorities (CA’s). The application of DSC requires submission of an application form by the applicant along with certain document attachments necessary for the application process.

While applying for the Digital Signature Certificate, you are required to submit as proof, the following DSC document requirement along with your DSC application form.

These documents submitted for the DSC application must be attested by the attesting officer.

Note:  An attesting officer can be a Group A/B Gazetted officer, Bank manager or authorized executive, Post Master etc.

Proof of Identification

The following documents are accepted as a proof of identification:

1. Passport

2. PAN Card of the applicant

3. Driving License

4. Post Office ID card

5. Bank account passbook containing the photograph with the signature of the applicant and attested by the concerned bank official

6. Photo ID card issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Centre/State Governments

7. Any Government-issued photo ID card bearing the signature of the applicant

Proof of Address

The following documents can be submitted as a proof of address:


2. Voter ID Card

3. Driving License (DL)/Registration Certificate (RC)

4. Water Bill (Not older than 3 Months).

5. Electricity Bill (Not older than 3 Months)

6. Latest Bank Statements signed by the bank (Not older than 3 Months)

7. Service Tax/VAT Tax/Sales Tax registration certificate

8. Property Tax/ Corporation/ Municipal Corporation Receipt

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Attestation Officer Proof

A self-attested copy of the ID card/ address proof of the attesting officer must be provided.

Note: The above-mentioned documents must be enclosed with the DSC Application Form for submission while applying for a DSC.

Brief about need For a DSC

Digital Signature Certificates help in authenticating the identity and the personal information details of the certificate holder while conducting online transactions.

With a growing number of businesses and transactions conducted online, the use of DSC becomes invariably important. The DSC’s are now asked by the various government agencies to cross-check and verify the authenticity of the individual conducting online transactions.

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