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Goods & Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) is a state-specific unique number based on PAN. GSTIN is a 15 digits registration number consisting of state code, PAN, entity code, and the check digit.

GSTIN Format

GSTIN of a person can be identified based on PAN by following the below procedure :

Step 1– Visit GST portal

Step 2– Click on “Search Taxpayer” tab

Step 3– Select “Search by PAN”


Step 4- Enter the PAN number of the dealer and character reflecting in the image

GSTN search by PAN

Step 5- Click on “Search”

The website will show the details of the GSTIN registration held against the PAN which has been provided.

Verification of GSTIN also can be done on the ClearTax GST Search Tool using GSTIN Number.

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