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Important Updates on GST portal – January 2019

Updated on :  

08 min read.

New functionalities have been made available on the GST portal as follows:


  • Bank details not to be provided while filing registration application by Normal, OIDAR & NRTP Taxpayer.
  • Such taxpayers can give this detail later on by filing a non-core amendment of the registration application. Non-Core Amendment of Registration for GSTP facility stands updated for the above changes.
  • A facility has been provided on the GST Portal to GST Practitioners, for applying for Non-Core Amendments in their Registration.

Composition scheme

Window to reply to Show Cause Notice for compulsory withdrawal from Composition Scheme. If proceedings for compulsory withdrawal from Composition Scheme is initiated by a Tax Official, against a composition taxpayer, then composition taxpayer can now reply to such SCN issued on GST Portal.


Dropdown of a preferred list of banks: a) Now up to 6 preferred banks will be shown to a taxpayer while making e-Payment on GST Portal. b)When Taxpayer makes the first payment from GST portal, the selected bank will automatically get updated in the Preferred Banks list. d) Every time the Taxpayer will make payment from a different bank it will be updated in the Preferred Banks list. e) When a Taxpayer already having 6 banks in its preferred bank’s list, makes a payment with 7th bank, then that 7th bank will be added in the preferred banks and the least used bank will be removed from the list. f) The taxpayer can delete any of the preferred banks at any point in time.

Some of the technical defects fixed are

  •   Registration- For Taxpayer
    • Error message for taxpayers has been corrected, when the taxpayer is trying to get their username through forgot username functionality (when authorized signatory has been changed by the tax officials).
    • Error message for taxpayers for the first-time login has been corrected. Thus instead of the message “invalid username or password. Please try again” new message which will come will be “enter valid username”.
  •   Registration- For Tax official
    • Error coming to Tax Officials of Model I States while fetching data of taxpayer ledger, from the date of Registration to date of approval, has been fixed.
    • Error coming to Tax Officials of Model I States, while changing Authorized Signatory for Cancelled taxpayers, has been fixed. Now they can update authorized signatory for cancelled taxpayers.
    • Error coming to Tax Officials of Model I States, while trying to fetch details via get Taxpayer Details functionality has been fixed.
    • Error related to suo moto applications and Revocation Application not visible in tax official dashboard, due to count mismatch of pending tasks, has been fixed.
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