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Send Quotation to customers

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A business quotation plays a very important role in gaining more business for the organisation. It is representative of what the organisation offers to its clients. Business quotations should be drafted in a simple and understandable format to receive a quick response from clients.

Evaluating a potential clients position

Evaluating the potential client’s requirements is very important to grow a business. If you exactly know what a customer needs and whether they are ready to buy or not, you can write a perfect quote to suit their requirements. Consider the below points before drafting a quote:

  • Is the client evaluating multiple options available in the market? If yes, then instead of sending a simple quote, one can add additional details such as the company’s strengths and achievements, past experience, and other value-added services the business provides to its clients. Also, follow up is essential in such cases.
  • Is the client ready to buy the goods? If yes, you can add additional details about pricing and payment so that the customer can quickly finalise the deal.
  • Has the customer already sent the request for a quotation? If yes, you should try to respond to all the customer queries and questions mentioned in the quotation request. 

How to send a quotation?

Quotation plays a vital role in increasing the sales of the organisation. Before sending quotes, one should understand the customer’s needs. It is challenging to receive an order if you don’t understand the customer’s needs fully.

Follow the steps below to send a quotation:

  1. Select the appropriate template and customise it as per business needs. 
  2. Update the client details and enter a unique quote number.
  3. Provide details about the products and services available with price and timeframe.
  4. Mention the terms and conditions of payment, guarantee and warranty.
  5. Add additional details, if any.
  6. Send it to the customers via mail, email, specific app or any other mode. Sending a quote via email or an app is a good option as it is fast and secure.

How to respond to a quotation?

After receipt of a quotation by the prospective buyer from the seller, he can go through all the required details and decide. If the buyer is satisfied with the pricing and payment terms, he may place an order. The buyer will issue a purchase order specifying the goods’ description, quantity, price, and other terms. 

After the seller accepts a purchase order, it becomes a legally binding document as a contract is formed between two parties. Purchase orders help the buyer to specify his purchase request to the seller.