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The use of Digital Signature for documents has become widely applicable for various Government and organizational agencies. The digital signature provides a protected and secure method to sign any documents that can be transferred or saved online for digital reference.

In order to make use of the digital signature, you must first obtain your Digital Signature Certificate by applying for the same with any of the registered Certifying authorities.

On receiving your DSC and the USB Token attachment you can easily make use of it to sign any PDF document online.

The USB Token containing your DSC is the most secure way to digitally sign a document.

Following are the steps to illustrate how to use a digital signature certificate to sign a PDF document digitally.DSC steps

STEP 1: Install DSC on Your Computer

Attach the DSC USB Token to your computer’s USB Port and click on My Computer to access the drive as seen below


Right click on the USB drive icon to install the Digital Signature Certificate on your computer and run the program as shown below.


On the completion of the installation process, your DSC will be saved on your computer.

 STEP 2: Open the Document to Sign Digitally

Open the PDF document you need to sign digitally

On opening the document, refer to the top left corner for the ‘Tools’ option. Click on it to open the following page for Certificate option. DSC5

On clicking the ‘Certificates’ option, you will be lead to the following page containing your document for digital signature.



Now, click on the ‘Digitally Sign’ option to begin your signature.

It will allow you to access a signature box


Drag the Signature Box to adjust and place it in the document where the Digital Signature needs to be applied.

Once you have adjusted the Signature Box, click to access your digital signature.

A pop-up screen will appear, allowing you to select the Digital ID that you want to choose for signing. Click against your name and click on ‘Continue’. DSC8

The following page will appear denoting the document was signed by you along with the specific time and date of signature. Click on the ‘Sign’ option to proceed further.


 STEP 3: Save the Signed Document

Once you have signed, you will be required to name the document and save it accordingly.


On saving the document, you will be asked to verify your DSC User PIN code. As shown below, enter your PIN and click on ‘Login’


On clicking the ‘Login’ option your selected document will open with your Digital Signature on it.


Now that you have signed the document digitally, you can access the signed document from the location on your computer you chose to save the same.

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