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The GSTN portal allowed taxpayers to upload invoices on 24th July for the first time. We will discuss the process of invoice uploading on GSTN.

Process of Uploading Invoices on GSTN

Go to website>>Dashboard>>Service>>Returns>>>>Returns Dashboard>>File returns>>Details of outward supplies of goods or services>> Prepare online OR Prepare Offline   gstn 1 gstn 2 gstn 3

Preparing Offline

You need to upload a JSON file. For that, you need to convert your excel file to JSON file. gstn 4

Preparing online

You will have many options such as:
  • B2B
  • B2C (Large invoices)
  • Credit/debit Notes
Click which is appropriate>>Add invoice>>Fill up details>>Save

gstn 5 Examples

B2B gstn 6   You can select export sales, sales to SEZ, sales through e-commerce etc. gstn 7 B2C gstn 8 You can also fill in sales made through places like Amazon- gstn 9

Day One Experience of Uploading Invoices on GSTN Portal

The website is clear and easy to use. There are separate types of invoices to choose from and you can fill up the details accordingly.

Problems we faced while uploading on GSTN Portal

  1. It is difficult to find out where one should upload invoices
  2. Only JSON files will be allowed to be uploaded. So, you must convert your excel sheet of invoices to JSON mode
  3. Entering all bills one by one will be time-consuming

How will ClearTax help you?

  • ClearTax GST Software is much easier to handle.
  • You can easily generate GST compliant invoices through ClearTax Bill Book
  • You can easily upload an excel copy of invoices in ClearTax GST Software. Any accounting software has the feature to generate an excel copy of your invoices. If you use our ClearTax Bill Book, you can easily generate an excel copy of your invoices and upload on our software. No conversion is required.
  • If you face any problems, we have handy videos and guides to help you out. Should you require further assistance, feel free to give us a call.