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Emigration refers to the relocation of people from one country to another country for permanent settlement. Emigration can happen for a variety of reasons including employment opportunities, better living conditions and so on.

Understanding the need and impact of emigration:

  1. The broad factors causing migration can be split into 'pull' and 'push' factors. These factors include economic, cultural and environmental reasons.
  2. Economic reasons are one of the key reasons for the emigration of people from one country to another country. People migrate to places which have job opportunities or where jobs are available.
  3. The job prospects in a country can vary depending on the stage of economic development in the country. Certain countries have been prominent destinations for migrants such as the United State of America and Canada. These countries offered and still offer prospects for economic advancement.
  4. People also move to other countries due to cultural and environmental factors. These include forced international migration due to political instability or cultural diversity. Environmental reasons include clean surroundings, a better quality of life in comparison to hazardous or noisy surroundings.

Industry impact and labour market impact

  1. People who emigrate take away from them their economic contribution to a nation through employment and spending. People contribute to the economy of the other country through direct taxes paid on their employment, and indirect taxes collected on goods and services in such other country.
  2. Emigration also impacts the number of jobs available and the pay scales for jobs. It affects the demand and supply of labour. The country of relocation should have enough jobs to support people arriving therein. Depending on the availability of jobs, emigration may lower or increase the wages for the natives of the country as well as the emigrants.


Each country has its own laws on emigration as well as permitting citizens of other countries to migrate into their country. People migrating for work or any other reason should bear in mind the rules in each country.

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