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What is Guardian?

A guardian is a person who has been given the legal duty to care for a child or adult who lacks the ability to care for himself. The designated individual is also responsible for the ward's treatment (the child or the incapacitated adult) and the affairs of that person. It is often known as a "conservator" when referring to a person seeking treatment.

Analysing Guardian

A judge normally chooses or appoints the guardian in a will or at a court of law. In the case of the parent's death or failure to care for the children, a parent frequently appoints a guardian to his or her children. Guardians are regulated by state and local rules and are the fiduciary of the district.

Given that guardians exercise such intense power over their wards, they are subject to near judicial scrutiny. Sometimes they have to prepare financial statements which record that they have managed the ward's finances in the ward's best interest. Usually, guardianship issues are handled by courts of restricted jurisdictions, including probate courts and family courts.

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