How to E-File ITR 1 (SAHAJ) with House Property Loan?

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House Property Guide

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Step 1.

Start by entering your permanent information like Name, Date of Birth and PAN number.

Step 2.

— Click on Income Sources and input your income details from Salaries, you can choose to upload your Form 16, so we can populate your information directly.
— OR enter your taxable salary and details of employer manually.

Step 3.

— Locate your Taxable income in your Form 16.

Step 4.

— Enter the Salary TDS amount and details of employer
— If you changed jobs during the year, add another salary

Step 5.

— Next, enter your other incomes like Inerest from Bank Accounts, Fixed Deposits, Gifts and others.

Step 6.

— Next, declare the exempt incomes, if any, like Mutual Funds, ULIP's, interest from PPF account and agriculture income.

Step 7.

— If you have a housing loan on a self-occupied House Property, declare interest on loan
— Enter the address of the house and specify co-owners, if any.

Step 8

— Enter the Total of your Section 80C deductions (LIC, Mutual Funds, etc)
— Declare all other deductions which are applicable. Check out "More Deductions" tab.
— Don't miss a deduction. Read :Guide on Section 80 Deductions

Step 9.

— ClearTax can automatically import your TDS entries from Income Tax Department.

— If you deposited tax via Challan 280 (self assesment tax) yourself, add details regarding it.

Step 10.

— Woohoo, ITS DONE !
— You can review for return by downloading ITR PDF or ClearTax word-report.
— Click on the large green button and your return shall be submited to Income Tax Department.

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