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 Offences and Penalties

Let us look at chapter 19 of CGST rules – Offences and Penalties. This text is taken from

Procedure for Compounding of Offences

(1) An applicant may, either before or after the institution of prosecution, make an application under sub-section (1) of section 138 in FORM GST CPD-01 to the Commissioner for compounding of an offence.

(2) On receipt of the application, the Commissioner shall call for a report
from the concerned officer with reference to the particulars furnished in the application, or any other information, which may be considered relevant for the examination of such application.
(3) The Commissioner, after taking into account the contents of the said
application, may, by order in FORM GST CPD-02, on being satisfied that the applicant has co-operated in the proceedings before him and has made full and true disclosure of facts relating to the case, allow the application indicating the compounding amount and grant him
immunity from prosecution or reject such application within ninety days of the receipt of the application.
(4) The application shall not be decided under sub-rule (3) without
affording an opportunity of being heard to the applicant and recording the grounds of such rejection.
(5) The application shall not be allowed unless the tax, interest and
penalty liable to be paid have been paid in the case for which the application has been made.
(6) The applicant shall, within a period of thirty days from the date of
the receipt of the order under sub-rule (3), pay the compounding amount as ordered by the Commissioner and shall furnish the proof of such payment to him.
(7) In case the applicant fails to pay the compounding amount within the
time specified in sub-rule (6), the order made under sub-rule (3) shall be
vitiated and be void.
(8) Immunity granted to a person under sub-rule (3) may, at any time, be
withdrawn by the Commissioner, if he is satisfied that such person had, in
the course of the compounding proceedings, concealed any material particulars or had given false evidence. Thereupon such person may be tried for the offence with respect to which
immunity was granted or for any other offence that appears to have been committed by him in connection with the compounding proceedings and the provisions the Act shall apply as if no such immunity had been granted.”;

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