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India's #1 GST software

1 click autofill GSTR-3B with G1 and 2B data


Download 2B data for multiple months in < 2mins


GSTR-2B vs purchase matching in under 1 min


Vendor Compliance Report under GST: Importance and Uses

Updated on :  

08 min read.

The vendor compliance report gives you a bird’s eye view of the monthly filing status of GST returns by your vendors or suppliers along with the tax summary.

In our previous article, we would have learnt the importance of multi-month GSTR-2A report and its uses.

In this article, we learn the importance of knowing the filing status of the GSTR-1 of all suppliers you have dealt with. Not just that, get the following data readily available for use:

  • A summary report of taxable values,
  • Summary of tax amounts, and
  • The count of transactions carried out with each supplier for a month.

All this is available in a report on ClearTax GST software known as Supplier Compliance Report. (Vendor compliance Report)

This report is useful for a taxpayer to reconcile the GST data with vendor’s data smoothly and get a real-time update of the filing status of their GST returns in GSTR-1.

Purpose of Vendor Compliance Status

Every taxpayer before filing the GSTR-3B must download the data of GSTR-2A to check the amount of eligible Input tax credit(ITC) as uploaded by their suppliers. They must reconcile this data with what is recorded in their books of accounts. Any mismatch must be reported to the supplier. Also, the  month for which the GST return was last filed by the supplier always forms an important base to track filing status and hence follow up with the vendor to upload any missed invoices.

Source of Information for Vendor Compliance

Information on the suppliers’ compliance status (vendor compliance) is fetched from the GSTR-2A returns of the taxpayer, available on the GST portal. The report is downloaded from GSTN for each month up to date. GSTR-2A is the auto-populated return that consolidates the value and tax reported by all suppliers for a particular GSTIN of the taxpayer for a tax period. This report is sorted according to each supplier based on the GSTIN. Another option of sorting based on the trade name/ legal name is available too.

Advantages of Supplier Compliance Report

  • Import of GSTR-2A (supplier data) from GSTN in a single click
  • Access to the suppliers’ data for every month till date, since the inception of GST
  • PAN level and GSTIN level view of summary of suppliers data
  • View the GSTR-2A (supplier data) that is displayed according to the supplier name- Trade name or legal name
  • Count of transactions carried out with each supplier during the selected month
  • View the monthly summary figures for value and tax amount available for each supplier
  • Real-time update of the Supplier GSTR-1 Status is a click away*
  • Know the last date and time when the GST data was downloaded. [based on the invoice-type such as Credit-Debit Note, Credit-Debit Note(Amendments), Business-to-Business, Business-to-Business(Amendments)]

  *Verify using OTP  

How to use the Supplier Compliance Report

Follow the steps mentioned below to access the Supplier Compliance Report available on ClearTax GST:  

Step 1: Login to ClearTax GST and ensure that the business set-up ( adding a GSTIN) is done.  

Step 2: Select the ‘All reports’ against the particular GSTIN on the dashboard.  

vendor compliance

Click on ‘Supplier compliance report’

vendor compliance

Step 3: Select the Month beside the ‘Return period’ and click on ‘Populate Supplier Names’. The data for the selected month is displayed in few minutes.

vendor compliance

Get the GSTIN level data too and update it regularly by clicking on ‘Get GSTR-2A data’  

vendor compliance

Step 4: You can now make use of the report for a timely follow up with your vendors!  

ClearTax offers a FREE integrated tool for GST registered businesses to track and check their compliance level for GST Returns filed. Every GSTIN can now access the GST Health Check tool to get the following result in an excel form:

Try out the GST health check tool and check your GSTIN’s health now!

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