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This article will help you understand the deduction available for interest and principal repayment on home loan taken from non-specified banks, friends or relatives.

home loan

Deduction for Interest Repayment on Home Loan

The maximum tax deduction of Rs 2 lakh is available for payment of interest on housing loan. If the interest paid (or payable) is less than Rs 2 lakh, the deduction for the amount will be available. The tax benefit is available even if the loan is taken for repair and reconstruction of the house. This deduction is restricted to Rs 30,000. The deduction for interest repayment is available only after construction of the house is completed or House Property and Taxespossession is received. Many loan agreements specify repayment of interest starting from the month in which the loan is taken. If the construction has just begun, one can’t claim the interest repaid till the construction is completed. In that case, all the interest paid before completion of construction is available as a deduction in 5 equal installments.

Interest repayment for home loan taken from friends, relatives or any money lender can be claimed as a deduction under section 24.

The Income Tax Act, 1961 does not specify that this deduction will be available only if the loan is taken from specified banks.

Deduction for Principal Repayment on Home Loan

saveA deduction of Rs 1.5 lakh can be claimed under Section 80C for repayment of principal of loan taken for purchase or construction of new house only.  This limit is inclusive of all the investments and expenditures eligible for deduction under Section 80C like Public Provident Fund (PPF), Employee Provident Fund (EPF), Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS). The deduction is available only if the loan is taken from banks, Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), or other notified institutions. The deduction is only for repayment actually made.

Thus, repayment of principal on loan taken from friends, relatives or any money lender can’t be claimed as a deduction under section.


For Example:

“Mr. Akash purchases a house for Rs 20 lakh. He took a loan from his friend Mr. Vasanth for the purchase of the property. The loan is repayable in 20 equal installments with interest of Rs 5% per annum. He repaid a principal of Rs 1 lakh and an interest of Rs 1 lakh for the financial year 2016-17.”

“Mr. Akash is eligible for a deduction under Section 24 for interest repayment of Rs 1 lakh. He can’t claim a deduction under Section 80C for principal repayment as the deduction is not available for repayment of the loan from friends.”


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