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ClearTax GST Software- How to Create, View, Bulk Import Credit/Debit Notes

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08 min read.

Brief about Create Debit or Credit Notes

Credit and debit notes are issued when you have issued a sale bill and there is now a change in the taxable amount or tax amount. Come, let’s see an example. Say, you sold 1000 pens and your customer returned 100 of them. Now you have to issue a credit note for those 100 pens. You have sold 1000 pens but accidentally billed for only 900. So for the remaining 100 pens, you have to issue a debit note.

How to Create Credit/Debit Notes

Below is a step by step guide to understanding this: To create an Export  invoice, follow the below steps:

  • Select the option of ‘Sales Invoices’ on your dashboard

To create an Export  invoice, follow the below steps:

  • Select the option of ‘Credit/ Debit’ on your dashboard
  • To make the bill, you have to enter all the information you see before you

Let’s now understand these fields:

  • Click to select the kind of note you want to make
  • Under credit note number, write the serial number. If you have already set the serial number before, then click on Set Sequence
  • Choose the GSTIN for which you want to make the note and add a prefix such as CTX and a series start such as 001 and save. This will now appear on all bills
  • Write the date of issue of credit note under Credit Note Issue Date
  • Write the bill number that you want to issue this note for under Original Invoice Serial Number
  • Add the information about the goods here. You can enter new information here
  • Now, click on Save

How to Bulk Import Credit/Debit Note

If you have a high number of sale bills and you want to put all of them in one place, you can use the bulk import feature. If you have been using any other accounting software such as Tally to record all sale bills but you want to file GST returns through ClearTax GST you can still use the bulk import feature. Let’s understand how to bulk import Credit/Debit Notes Here’s a step by step guide to explain you the process:

  • To use the bulk import feature, login to your account
  • Select the business that you want to import bills for
  • Now click on ‘GSTR 1’
  • Go To ‘Prepare Data’
  • Click on ‘Upload Excel’
  • The following screen will appear

Select the type of upload option carefully – Govt/ Tally/ Busy Format

  • If you are using Government Utility or excel exported from tally or Busy use this option
  • Select the period and tick mark the sheets you want to upload i.e. CDNR or CDNUR

– Clear Tax/ Tally Patch Format

  • Select this option if you are using Clear tax Template to import data
  • Select this option if you have installed our Tally Patch in your Tally
  • Select the Period
  • Select the type of template. There are 3 different templates for Sales Invoices, Credit/ Debit Notes, Advance Receipts

– E-Commerce Format

  • We have created templates for our E-Commerce Partners. Taxpayers selling on these E-Commerce platforms can use our templates
  • Select your E-Commerce platform and then select the type of template
  • After selecting the appropriate template, upload the excel.

On Successful import of data, the following screen will appear In case or any error in the data the following screen will appear As you can see, there are 3 kinds of notes here:

  • Number of invoices that will show all bills
  • Failed invoices that will show only those bills that have errors
  • Passed invoices will show bills that have no errors

Let’s now see how to fix errors in a bill: If a bill has any error, you can click on it to fill the right information. After you have fixed all the errors, click on Revalidate.

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