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How to Start a Business Without Money?

By Mayashree Acharya


Updated on: Jun 10th, 2022


9 min read

An individual can start many businesses with low or no investment. Various businesses that start from home save money on overhead costs and inventory. With the growth of technology, individuals can market the business online to attract customers and grow the business. Thus, anyone who has a passion for starting a business can establish it without spending much money.

Tips to Start a Business Without Money

To establish a business without money, you need to plan it carefully. You can also raise funds to start your business from various government schemes or look for ways to cut costs. Some tips to start a business with no or little money are as follows:

Establish a sole proprietorship business

You should first establish your business for it to be legally valid. There are many types of business structures you can choose to register the business. However, the most cost-saving business structure is the sole proprietorship. To establish a sole proprietorship business, you need to obtain a shop and establishment act registration and GST registration. However, if more than one person is involved in the business, you should establish a partnership firm that is cost-saving compared to a company.

Apply for Government Schemes

The government has launched many government schemes for startups and small businesses. The businesses registered as Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) can benefit from various MSME schemes and raise funds for the business. They can obtain loans and credit without many procedures under the MSME schemes. Banks have also introduced various loan schemes with low-interest rates for small ventures to encourage them and promote startups.

Prepare a Business Plan

You must prepare a business plan before starting the business. The business plan should cover all aspects of the business, such as business expenses, available funds, required funds, turnover ratio, the cost to profit ratio, etc. It is a blueprint of the business. It also helps showcase the business idea to friends and investors to raise funds.

Sell on e-commerce platforms

Once you decide on a business idea, you can sell products or offer services on established e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Snapdeal or Flipkart. It saves the cost of the establishment of a physical store and logistics. The online platform helps access potential customers and takes care of technical aspects and logistics. Thus, you can generate revenue easily.

Top Business Ideas That Require No Money

  • In-house services

You can offer an in-house service business in your area. In-house services do not require any money. They only require time and effort. In an in-house service business, you provide services for people either by visiting their house or by providing services from your house. Examples of in-house service businesses are babysitting, pet-sitting, interior decorating, event management, parlour services, etc.

  • Skill-based business

If you have a skill, you can start a skill-based business. It will require little or no money. You can also charge an advance to provide skill-based service and complete the work. Examples of skill-based services include painting, singing, dancing, photography, computer repairs, etc. Platforms like Amazon and eBay cater to creators and make it easy for you to get a profit from your skills.

You can even start classes at your home and offer to teach your skills to interested people. Teaching your skills to others will not require funds. You can start classes on photography, videography, tailoring and embroidery, cooking, dance, yoga, etc.

  • Start service-based business

You can start a service-based business from your home. You need to market your business and have the knowledge to start the business. Examples of service-based businesses are creating content for your clients, creating software or website designing, offering translation services, bookkeeping and accounting services, etc.

  • Dropshipping

Dropshipping business is a great business to start without funds. Dropshipping means creating an online retail business without having to store products or procuring them. You need to establish an online retail store and tie up with a dropshipping supplier. However, you should market the products on the online store. The dropshipping supplier will deliver the orders that a customer places in the store, and you will receive payment for the order. However, you need to pay the product cost to the dropshipping supplier after deducting your percentage from the product cost.

  • Consulting

When you have years of professional experience in an area, you can start a consulting business from your home without any money. You need to market your business to attract customers and make profits. It will be solely based on your knowledge. However, it has a broad scope as startups and upcoming professionals choose consultants to get advice and expertise on a subject. Almost every sector requires good consultants from experienced persons. People with knowledge of finance, IT, HR, marketing, law, accounts, social media, healthcare, etc., can open their consultancy company and tie up with companies to generate revenue.

  • Sell digital products

You can sell digital products like music, courses, ebooks, templates, etc. They are not tangible products. Thus, there are no recurring shipping or manufacturing costs when you sell them, and your margins remain high. There is a wide range of digital products that you can sell, such as original instrumental beats, information templates and products that help people increase their skills in a particular field, photos that can be licensed to other creators, etc.

  • Webinars and courses

Many people are looking at online courses to upskill themselves and grow in their careers or change jobs. Professionals and experienced people having certifications can start an online course or webinar and share their knowledge that will help others. Initially, you can do it free and then start charging money for your webinar, workshops and courses once your audience grows.

  • Start fashion boutique

You can start an online fashion boutique and sell clothes to interested customers. You can source and curate readymade products directly from manufacturers and sell them under your brand. When you start working on apparel after receiving orders, you can save money on stocking inventory.

You can even start a boutique at home if you know how to stitch clothes and you are updated with the latest fashion trends. The only investment required for this business is the sewing machine with the apparel.

  • Sell homemade and handcrafted products

When you are interested in the arts and crafts and have a creative mind, you can start making homemade and handcrafted products and sell them online. People are interested in buying unique products now-a-days. They also prefer organic products such as homemade soaps, candles, personalised name plates, personalised blankets, etc. You can save money when you start a pre-order basis model or start with making a small batch till you generate sales.

  • Cloud kitchen

Cloud kitchen is an emerging business model where food is prepared and delivered directly to the customers’ doorsteps. Cloud kitchens operate online, display the menu on their website, and let customers choose their food to be delivered or picked up. Since it does not require physical premises, it can be started at home with available equipment. You can market your cloud kitchen by word of mouth to your friends and family to gain more customers.

  • Digital marketing

Companies that intend to take their business online need digital marketers adept at creating engagements and conversations. All companies work on their online marketing, website, social media pages, campaigns, etc., to reach out to their customers and grow their business. As a digital marketer, you need to use a variety of digital channels to build brand awareness and generate leads. 

Digital marketing has multiple categories, such as content marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, etc. Since companies spend huge budgets on advertising through paid social media posts and various digital channels, you can start your business by helping them provide a solid digital presence.

  • Blogging

Blogging and vlogging is an internet-based small business that has the potential to make money. You can choose a niche to start your blog or vlog, such as travel, technology, educational blog, life hacks, etc. To generate profit, you need to make it interesting and market it to maximise your blog or vlog’s number of readers or views. You can provide freelance services to other websites or companies by allowing them to feature your blog articles or write new ones for them. You can offer freelance services for making videos or editing videos to companies in a similar niche as your vlog.

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Quick Summary

Starting a business with low or no investment is possible through various means like in-house services, skill-based businesses, or dropshipping. Government schemes and marketplaces like Amazon also aid in cost savings. Planning and establishing a business structure are essential. Business ideas like consulting, selling digital products, or starting a cloud kitchen at home can generate revenue without significant upfront costs.

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