30 Low-Cost Business Ideas with High Profits in 2022

By Mayashree Acharya


Updated on: Jun 20th, 2024


5 min read

An individual with an entrepreneurial mindset can easily start a small-scale business with low investments. The government has launched various schemes for funding small-scale businesses and promoting them. It is encouraging startups and entrepreneurship in India to boost the Indian economy. You can start your business from home or rent out small premises, thus saving cost on office area. Below are 30 low-cost business ideas with high profit to start your business.

1. Content Writing

Content writing has a vast scope since many companies and businesses require a content writer. Companies require help with creating pages for their products, blogs, web pages, etc. The content writing business does not require any investment. All you need is a good command of the language, writing and reading skills. Since you get paid for each word you write, it is highly profitable. The more assignments you get, the more you earn. When you provide writing services for various clients, you get many assignments helping you earn a profit. 

2. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is growing quickly in India. Many online businesses and companies want to have a strong online presence. Such companies and businesses require a digital marketing manager to help them grow their business. Digital marketing means promoting products and brands to potential customers online through various forms of digital communication, such as emails, web-based advertising, social media, and text and multimedia messages.

Thus, you can start a digital marketing agency if you know marketing strategies. You will have to spend money to register the agency and have a good internet connection to start a digital marketing agency. Since it’s done online, you do not have to invest in an office. 

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a lot like retail, but it is done entirely online. Dropshipping is where you tie up with dropshipping suppliers and sell their products on your online retail store. The dropshipping suppliers will process and ship the orders you receive from customers. You will receive the order payment, which you need to pay to the dropshipping supplier after deducting your percentage from the payment.

You only need to invest in an online store. This business model is picking up in India. One of the best aspects of a dropshipping business is that you need not invest in stocking or purchasing any product. You have an opportunity to earn high profits as you can decide the profit margin or commission between yourself and the supplier with a mutual understanding.

4. Customised Gifts

A customised gift shop is an excellent low-cost business idea. People give gifts on many occasions like functions, festivals, birthdays, weddings, etc. Thus, there is a demand for unique customised gifts. You can start a gift shop consisting of a mix of customised gifts, gift hampers, gift items you get in the market, and innovative handmade gifts. You need not start a physical store. Start an e-commerce gift shop to save money. 

An e-commerce gift shop also helps you reach a wider audience, thus helping you get more orders. Market your shop on social media and to your friends and relatives. Initially, you may not receive huge profits, but as the business grows, you will make profits. 

5. Blogging or Vlogging

Blogging has gained popularity nowadays. Businesses with web content are also looking to make blogs and require a blogger. Blogging means writing opinionated pieces or experiences in a chosen area. If you like to share your experiences, analyse things or give opinions based on experiences, you can start a blog. You can create a blog in any area like lifestyle, travelling, food, fashion, tech reviews, business strategies, etc. Vlogging means video blogging. Vlogging is where you take about a topic and upload the video online.

A good internet connection and a laptop are required for blogging or vlogging. It is highly profitable since you will get payment from Google when your blog ranks first on Google. Since the investment is low, you can make high profits based on the views you get for your blogs or vlogs.

6. Social Media Consultant

In the digital age, almost all companies market their products and advertise them through digital channels and social media campaigns. You could start a social media consultancy when you have a good knowledge of marketing, branding, web presence and communications. 

You will need to help businesses or individuals to post content and conduct campaigns to promote their products or services through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You need to help them generate traffic and have a social media presence to generate leads. You will need to only invest in establishing a consultancy and can earn high profits by generating leads and online traffic for businesses.

7. Photography

You can open a photography business when you have a passion for photography. An online photography business is also quite lucrative with plenty of options, such as travel, wedding, product or stock photography. You can do commercial shoots for ad campaigns or cover corporate events for businesses and earn profits from them.

All you need is a good camera to run the business. You can even capture portraits and keep them for sale.‌‌ You can have a Youtube channel or start a course on photography and show how to click creative photos or capture events. You can earn high profits from photo shoots for events or functions.

8. Event Management

Event management company organises and manages events. The events may be weddings, birthdays, pre-wedding rituals, corporate events, functions, etc. You require organising skills and need to build a network to manage events. You will need to coordinate with the decorators and caterers to organise an event.

It requires investment for adequate staff, logistics, and arrangements. Initially, you can start from home and hire caterers and decorators for the events. As the business grows, you can invest and hire staff. You can make huge profits from the event management business when your customer base grows. 

9. Grocery Store

Establishing a grocery store to sell food and other household items is highly profitable. However, you should tie up with suppliers or wholesalers to obtain the required items. You will need to invest in a physical place to open a store, but you can make profits as grocery is the daily basic need required by all. You can save money when you open an online store.

Since the pandemic, people have started to order groceries online. You can open an e-commerce store or website and sell products on the online store. When you offer discounts or schemes, you will get more customers. You need not even hold stock of inventory in an online store.

10. Coaching Class

There will always be a demand for a good coaching class. Students prefer classes near to their house and which give them individual attention. You can start a coaching class at home or on rented premises. After the pandemic, coaching classes are held online. You can teach both online and offline. The investment required for an online class is an internet connection and laptop. You need to invest on board and a room for an offline class.

You can start a coaching class for competitive exams and certification courses for professionals by hiring lecturers. When you know a foreign language, you can start a class to teach these languages as there is always a demand for foreign language classes from professionals and students. Since the investment is low, you will get high returns by imparting knowledge to others.

11. Mobile/Computer Repairing

Everyone has a mobile nowadays. Computers and laptops are also important. You can start a mobile, laptop or computer repair shop when you have knowledge about it. Mobiles, computers and laptops require maintaining and repairing services. You can learn how to repair these devices, get the necessary diploma and start a mobile and computer reaping business. 

It requires low investment to start this business, but it can yield huge profits when it is run professionally. You can even tie up with companies or professionals, maintain their devices regularly, and make profits. You can start selling mobile phone/laptop accessories and make more profit. As your business grows, you can start selling mobiles and computers to your customers.

12. Consultancy

When you know a subject, start a consultancy firm. A consultancy firm is where you help people to get things done and reduce their workload. You can establish a consultancy firm with low investment and earn higher profits. There are many fields where a consultancy can be started, such as legal, business, bookkeeping, growing business on social media, marketing, technical, etc. 

It is better to start a consultancy in the area of your experience. You can also hire someone or partner with someone with the same expertise to provide consultancy. You can establish it online; thus, it requires low investment, and you get profits for sharing your knowledge.

13. Travel Agency

The tourism industry is huge in India. People love to travel on a low budget. Thus, you can start a travel agency and customise tours and arrange tours at minimum budgets. You will need to have communication skills to start this business. You must tie up with hotels at different destinations and local tour guides who can look after your customers on tour.

However, you can start this business from home as people book tours online. You can have your website or promote your tours on social media and get bookings from there. You can also book flights, buses and trains online. The more customers you have and the more tours you arrange, the more money you earn.

14. Web Designing

Nowadays, all businesses have their websites. Small businesses also plan to go online and have their website since customers first search the business online to know more about their products or services. It has led to an increase in demand for web designers. A web designer designs/creates a website containing the details of the business products or services and maintains the website.

A web designing company does not require a high investment as you only need a computer, internet connection and web designing skills. You can learn web designing skills from a training centre or an institute. You get paid for your web designing skills and the projects you undertake.

15. Real Estate Agent

When you understand the commercial and residential real estate market, you can start a real estate agency. You also need good people and communication skills to attract home buyers and sellers to make a deal. You can get good commissions for each deal you make. The investment required to start is significantly low. You need to spend on establishing an agency.  

But as you build your network and start making more deals, the commission you earn is high. All you need is communication and speaking proficiency to get buyers and sellers to agree on the sale and make money. You can even open a real estate agency to help people find rented places rather than just focusing on selling properties. Rents are high in metro cities, and many people are living in rented houses in metro cities. It is highly profitable to open a real estate agency for renting properties in metro cities.

16. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a profitable way to make money online. It is a form of digital marketing where you refer a person to buy an online product from an online merchant or platform. You get a commission when that person buys the product based on your recommendation. You can start this business from home; thus, it requires low investment. It requires a laptop and an internet connection. 

The transaction amount and the number of sales involved determine the commission. Affiliate marketing needs a strong online presence to get attention and awareness. If you have a small audience who trusts you, you can promote and sell a merchant’s products to them and earn money. 

17. Beauty Parlour

A beauty parlour never runs out of demand. Most women visit a beauty parlour frequently. You need to know about skincare and have special training in grooming to open a beauty parlour. The investment required for opening a beauty parlour is low. 

You can even open a beauty parlour at your home. However, you need to invest in the equipment required to open a beauty parlour. When you open it in the right location, such as near an apartment or residential layout, you can make a lot of money by acquiring many clients. You can even provide door-to-door service, i.e. visit the clients’ houses and provide your service and earn profits.

18. Fashion Boutique

Fashion boutiques also have a high demand. Many women prefer to go to fashion boutiques to get unique and customised clothes. You can open a fashion boutique when you have a keen interest in fashion and clothing. The investment to open a boutique is low.

To open a fashion boutique, you must buy stitching materials and tie up with dress sellers. You may make dresses yourself or get dresses from various wholesalers, customise them and sell them to your customers. You can start a boutique from your house. The profit margin is relatively good compared to many other businesses.

19. Insurance Agent

Having a medical policy or health insurance is vital. People have realised this after the pandemic. You can open an insurance agency to guide people to buy the right insurance policy that suits their needs. The insurance umbrella covers health, shop, vehicle, renters insurance, etc. You can start the agency with little investment. 

To be an insurance agent, you must possess good communication skills and convincing power. You can earn a good commission by selling insurance policies. You need to obtain an insurance agent license, but the profits are huge in this business. You can even tie up with insurance companies and sell their insurance products for a commission.

20. Low-Cost Franchise

A franchise is a strategy to expand business across states and cities. In a franchise business, the franchisor, i.e. an established company, grants you the license, guidance and trademark to run its business. They set up decent margins for the stocks to be sold. You must enter into a franchise agreement with the franchisor to operate a franchise business.

In a franchise business, you need not invest to set up a business. The franchisor will provide you with the products and goods to run the business. You only need to market the products and sell them to customers. The more sales you make, the more profit you earn from them.

21. Cloud Kitchen

Cloud kitchens are kitchens operated online. You have to register on an online platform or food app and put up your menu there. Customers will directly place orders online, and you need to prepare the food and deliver it to them. You can arrange for a delivery or agree with the online platform or app to deliver them for a charge. 

There is a very low investment required in this business as you save money on establishing a physical place for customers to sit and hiring staff to serve the customers. All you need is to know how to cook and have the equipment to cook and market food. You can even open your food venture website and take food orders there. If you market your food venture well, you will gain customers and huge profits.

22. Bakery

People buy cakes for many occasions, like birthdays, farewell parties, engagements, celebration of an event, etc. People also buy cakes, muffins, pastries, puffs, etc., as snacks. Thus, it is one of the lucrative businesses in India. The investment to establish a bakery business is low, but you need to know how to bake cakes and other bakery products.

You can open up a bakery at a location where there is significant customer traffic. You need to spend money on buying ovens and ingredients to bake food. You can even start an online bakery by creating your website or registering on online food platforms and selling your items there. 

23. Catering Service

All occasions, such as house parties, birthdays, corporate parties, weddings, functions, etc., require a caterer to arrange food. Thus, caterers are in demand to serve delicious food. To start a catering business, you need a kitchen, cook and transport facility to deliver food. 

Thus, the investment to start a food catering business is comparatively low compared to the returns. A catering business has a high earning potential, especially when you take it online and find more customers. You can even cater meals to working people regularly or daily. 

24. Investment Consultant

People have realised the importance of savings and investing in the post-pandemic era. They want to save money and invest it for their future. However, they require guidance for the same. You can start an investment consultant agency if you have good knowledge about shares, mutual funds, investment schemes such as PPF, NPS, post-office savings schemes, bank FD rates, etc.

You do not require much investment to start this business as you can start it online. All you need is a good internet connection to give investment advice. You also need analytical skills and be good at calculations to advise people as to which investment will provide them with the best returns for their goals. Initially, you may not earn more, but as you market your business and provide good advice to people, you will get more customers and money. 

25. YouTube Channel

You can start a channel on Youtube. There are many channels on Youtube, but if your content is innovative and creative, you will get more views and subscriptions. You can monetise from the views and subscriptions on your youtube channel. 

You only have to invest in a good camera, mic and internet connection to start a Youtube channel. You can get more views and earn money by posting videos frequently. You can advertise companies’ products on your channel and make money from them.

26. Fitness Trainer

After the pandemic, many are conscious of their health and want to stay fit. You can become a fitness trainer when you have knowledge and training. You can train people in yoga, Zumba, aerobics, etc., and even advise them on the food they need to eat to stay fit. You can even tie up with a gym and become a trainer or conduct fitness classes there.

There is not much investment required for becoming a fitness trainer. You may have to learn new fitness courses and attend health programmes to train your customers. You can start fitness training classes such as yoga, aerobics, dance, Zumba, etc., online or rent a place for the same. You get high returns when more customers join your classes.

27. Freelancer

A freelancer is someone who gets paid for the work they do. You can be a freelancer in the area of your expertise, such as writing, singing, photography, design, software management, video editing, coding, etc. Many companies hire a freelancer to get their work done. 

Since you will not be an employee of a company, you can provide freelance service to many companies and individuals simultaneously. You can create a social media profile and promote your freelancing skills and services to attract customers. Once you get recognised, you will get more work and earn huge profits.

28. Bookkeeping and Accounting Service

You can start an accounting and bookkeeping business when you know bookkeeping and accounting. You can start this business with a low investment. However, you need adequate training to do accurate bookkeeping and accounting. Sole proprietorships and small businesses require bookkeeping services. They do not hire people to do it.

Thus, you can help them with their bookkeeping and accounting and charge for the same. Since you need to visit your client’s place to provide the accounting services, you need not invest in an office. You will only need a laptop and internet facility for this business.

29. App Developing Service

App development is a profitable small business since many companies require an app developer. Application or app development involves creating a computer program that a business requires for performing its various tasks. Thus, you can make an app development business if you have the software skills and are an IT graduate.

This business does not require much investment, but it is highly profitable. You can work on multiple projects simultaneously and earn profits. To make a high income, you can experiment with AR/VR, mobile wallets, chatbots, cloud-based apps, and IoT.

30. Pharmacy

A pharmacy is a necessity for people across the country. Everyone goes to a pharmacy to get medicines. If you have a pharmacy degree, you start your pharmacy shop. The location of the pharmacy shop is crucial to making profits. There are still many places in India where people have to travel to a pharmacy shop. You can establish a pharmacy shop in such areas and earn money.

You can even attach to a doctor’s clinic and start a shop inside the clinic so that people can easily access medicines and you get more clients. Although you will need to invest some money in the initial stage, the profit you get after some time is huge. 

These 30 low-cost business ideas have the potential to earn huge profits. The investment required to start these businesses is low, but your profits are significantly high. Thus, if you have the right skill or training, you can be an entrepreneur, start your business at a low-cost, and make profits. 

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