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New Product Feature – Bulk Invite Clients

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In this article, we will understand about ClearTax GST’s new product feature – how to bulk invite clients.

How to Bulk Invite Clients

If you want to work on your client’s business data simultaneously with him/her, you can invite your client. Once the client accepts the invitation, s/he will be able to create bills on the ClearTax GST software for FREE and avail all other services as per the plan s/he subscribes for.

NOTE: Make sure that the client is not already registered on ClearTax GST software with the email id, that you are using to send the invite.

Step 1: Go to ‘All Businesses Dashboard’ & click on ‘Invite Clients’.

bulk invite 1

Step 2: A pop up will appear, click on ‘Help me solve this’.

bulk invite 2

Step 3: A second pop up will appear. Now click on ‘Invite clients now’.

bulk invite 3

Step 4: You will see a list of clients you have already added. Select the clients you want to send the invite to, to use the software. For ex. ‘Raghav traders’ and ‘Priya Pvt ltd’ and click on ‘Invite Selected Clients’.

bulk invite 4

Next, you will see a message of success after sending invites to the clients.

bulk invite 5

These clients will receive emails on their email IDs with a link to accept the invitation & use the software. Once the client accepts the invitation, you and your client will be able to work simultaneously on the software & access all business data without having to transfer any files or visiting your office.

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