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Resignation Letter Format – Download Sample Template

Updated on :  

08 min read.

Resignation Letter is a formal letter one writes when resigning from the job. You need to write this letter when you part ways from the company, addressing it to the Head of Human Resource (HR) and your immediate manager, explaining why you no longer want to be a part of the company.

The letter of resignation must capture your reasons for leaving the company and parting ways from your job profile. As it is a formal letter, you need to follow a set template and must write it in a well-defined fashion. Let us take a look at the details, a formal letter of resignation letter must have:

  • The date on which you submit the resignation letter
  • Formal reason stating why you are resigning from your post
  • The proposed end (last) date of your job contract with your company
  • Your signature to confirm your decision

As it a formal letter, you need to keep in mind that this letter is valid in the court of law and hence, you need to address it to the HR head and your immediate supervisor.

If you have any feedback about your company which you have not yet been able to share with the management, it is best put in words in your resignation letter. The company would consider your inputs and, if possible, change their policies for the welfare of their employees.

While drafting your resignation letter, it is also expected that you use a professional and non-argumentative tone. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but it should not be taken out of context.

Also, you need to keep in mind the company policies and you need to abide by them. For example, most companies have a set notice period, where you still continue to work for a period of time (say 30 days, in some cases), until the company finds a replacement candidate. You may also be required to officiate a formal handover to your replacement and be actively involved in the process.

If you need to resign immediately and are not able to serve your notice period, you need to explain the reasons for the same and ask for suggestions from the HR as to the alternative steps that can be taken in such a situation. Also, do check if your company has a payback policy for employees who resign without completing their notice period. You need to confirm the same with the HR of your company.

Lastly, once you resign, you are not done. You need to wait for a confirmation email from the HR about your resignation letter. The HR will also give you instructions as to what your next plan of action should be and the formalities you need to follow. This completes the process of drafting a resignation letter.

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