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Website or Mobile App Privacy and Refund Policy

Updated on :  

08 min read.

Privacy Policy is a legal statement that regulates the data collected by a website or an app from the users. The website owners are required to specify what data they collect from users and to what use such data is put. The personal data given on web or app can be put to misuse unless otherwise regulated. So it’s essential that every website or app has measures to protect such data.

Privacy policy usually consists of the following elements:

  • What we collect: The policy will clearly mention the information required by the website such as name, email id, shipping address, contact number, etc.
  • What they do with information collected: The policy will specify the reasons for collecting the information from the user such as internal record keeping, delivering the goods etc.
  • Security: Security measures adopted to prevent unauthorised use or access of the information collected.
  • Link to other websites: The website sometimes contains the link to other websites also. The privacy policy will clearly mention that once you leave the website and visits the linked website and provides any information on such website, it will not be responsible for the protection of such information provided on the other site.

Cancellation Policy

It may happen that after placing an order for any product/service, you want to cancel the order. Some websites and apps give you the facility to cancel the order provided the cancellation is done within the given period of time after placing the order. Sometimes cancellation is not allowed for products ordered during sale period such as Diwali sale, end of season sale, etc. Cancellation policy outlines all such terms and conditions regarding the cancellation of an order placed.

Refund Policy

Refund policy refers to the terms and conditions for processing the refund of the customers. Refund is required in following cases :

  • Return of the product after being received
  • Cancellation of the order placed for which payment is already made

Refund policy will specify all the details regarding how the refund will be processed and when it will be processed, etc.

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