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Mistakes to Avoid while Naming your Business

Updated on :  

08 min read.

What’s in a name? A lot, right? Our family names us with much fanfare when we are born. Our name stays with us for our entire lifetime and even becomes a part of our personality. Yes, there is a lot in a person’s name. Ditto for a business’s name. A lot matters in a name when it comes to naming a business.

Choosing a name for a business may seem easy but it isn’t, especially when you know that the name would be there forever. All future branding will be done with the business name, and the name would create the first impression in the minds of potential customers. Hence, here are a few mistakes that should be avoided while choosing a name:

Too hard to hear, say or spell

Just because you can hear, say or spell a business name doesn’t mean your customers and other associated persons can also do it in same way. The name should be such that it is easy to hear, say and spell for the masses.

Identical with another existing name

A business name shouldn’t be similar to another existing name. Few things that do not make a name unique in comparison to an existing name:

  • Making a plural version
  • Changing the letter case, hiding or adding a space between two words or adding punctuation marks
  • Changing word to number or number to word
  • Intentionally mis-spelling the words
  • Translating Hindi words to English or vice versa
  • Offensive or abusive words

Using the name of a registered trademark

As a new business, you would never want to get a name that a registered trademark is already using. Any name that resembles a trademark would never work since that name would never create your stand-alone identity.

Binding the name to a particular location

In today’s global scenario, confining a business to local boundaries can’t even be imagined. Hence, a name shouldn’t be such that it is acceptable only in local area. Instead, the business name must be a fine business name at any place of the world so that you don’t have to think twice before moving your business to a new area.

Showing association of government authorities

A name shouldn’t consist the word “state” or “central”. Other words like federal, commission, authority, board, president, nation, judiciary etc should also be avoided since they require prior government approval and may become hectic.

Not considering domain name and internet promotion

E-commerce selling and internet promotion have become integral parts of a business without which a business can’t flourish for a long time. But, even then, almost nobody cares about domain name and internet promotions at the time of choosing a company name. That hurts at a later stage, when at the time of making a website for the business, the desired domain name is not available.

Opposite to the sector of business

How strange would it be to keep a name that is opposite to the industry or products of the business. A name should talk about the business’s products and services, but shouldn’t be too descriptive at the same time.   Keep these points in mind at the time of naming your business.

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