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Invoice in Excel: Tips and Templates

Updated on :  

08 min read.

Small businesses can use Excel invoice templates to issue clear and accurate invoices to their customers. Usage of Excel invoice templates helps to streamline the invoice creation process.

How to create an invoice in Excel?

Step 1: Open Excel- Click on file > new template.

excel invoice

Step 2: Search invoice templates- Use the search bar at the top to populate various invoice templates.

excel invoice

Step 3: Scroll through various invoice templates. Choose the one which is appropriate for your business needs. Click on create and update invoice details.

excel invoice

Step 4: Start customising the invoice- Place the company logo, add business contact details and then update various invoice details such as invoice number, date, type of goods, amount, tax payable, payment terms, etc. 

Step 5: Save the invoice- After updating all the essential data, save the Excel invoice in a .xlxs format if you want to alter it later. One can also save the same in PDF format for sharing it with customers.

Tips to easily maintain invoicing in Excel

Below are some of the tips to easily maintain invoicing in Excel:

  • Create a customised list of goods sold or services provided. One can also add rates against each item/service. Whenever an invoice is created, one can simply select the goods from the created list, and the rates will auto-populate.
  • Payment due dates can be set to reduce the chance of missing payments. For example- ‘payment due in 45 days’.
  • Create invoice header– An invoice header can be created with a business logo and contact details which can be used for invoicing.

Invoicing and billing templates used in Excel

Below are some of the invoicing templates used in Excel:

excel invoice
excel invoice
excel invoice
excel invoice

Challenges and solutions

Invoicing in Excel is a good start but as and when the business grows, it becomes inevitable for a business to opt for smarter solutions.

  • Time-consuming: Excel requires manual input of data which requires more time and the chances of errors also increase.
  • Privacy and security issues: With invoice data stored on your PC or cloud, there are more chances of your data being accessed by a larger group.
  • Difficulty in tracking: Organisations face tracking issues as the users are unclear about which is the latest version which leads to errors.

ClearOne helps to create professional-looking invoices. It customises the invoice as per the business requirements and thus helps create a brand image for the customers. Some of the features of using ClearOne invoicing software are:

  • It is easy to start as a user just needs to sign in with the mobile number.
  • It can create all kinds of billing documents like e-invoices, e-way bills, delivery challans, debit notes, credit notes, proforma invoices, etc.
  • It can create all kinds of invoices like reverse charge invoices, export invoices, SEZ invoices, etc.
  • It can create a report of all invoices which can be used for GST return filing. The same can also be shared with your tax consultant or Chartered Accountant. 
  • One can directly share the link of the invoice created or print it from the software.