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1. Overview of EWB-02 -Consolidated e-Way Bill  


Form GST EWB-02 known as Consolidated e-Way Bill is a single e-Way Bill document that contains details of all the e-Way Bills of the consignments carried on one conveyance/vehicle.


It comes as a handy document to the person-in-charge of conveyance/vehicle when more than one consignment of goods related to different invoices is to be transported on the conveyance/ vehicle.


So, ensure that all the e-Way Bills for the Invoices /challans available are generated beforehand.

2. How to generate Consolidated e-Way Bills?


Any unregistered transporter under GST has to enrol himself on the e-Way Bill Portal if the e-Way Bill is being generated for the first time by him.


Consolidated e-Way Bill can be generated online, by submitting all the individual e-Way Bill numbers. Rest of details get auto-populated.


If the e-Way Bills were not generated earlier reason being the value of each consignment was less than Rs. 50,000, the consignor or transporter need to generate first e-Way Bills for all these consignments (Invoices/challans) and finally generate a consolidated e-Way Bill.


You may also use bulk-generation facility that is offline excel tool where there are more number of e-Way Bills for which consolidated e-Way Bill needs to be generated.


You have the option to cancel the consolidated e-Way Bills or also update the vehicle number on it.


3. Format of Form GST EWB-02

The EWB-02 has to be generated online on the e-Way Bill portal


The form will have the 12-digit e-Way Bill Number, Date of the generation with the name of generator, Validity period of the e-Way Bill.


It lists down the details of e-Way Bills for which the consignments are being carried in the conveyance/vehicle.


The view of the form is as follows:


The view of how the consolidated e-Way Bill looks like when generated online


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