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How to accept mobile invoices?

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08 min read.

Businesses can now keep up with their billing with the help of mobile invoices. As it offers an easy and prompt way of paying, customers will be encouraged to avail your services and pay for them. It is also a great way to keep your workflow organised. 

What are mobile invoices?

Mobile invoices are just like regular invoices, except they are digital and more convenient. The payment request to the customer will be sent via SMS or email. The payment page or the invoice link will have all the information about the company and the product or service they bought. They can make the payments online from wherever they are with their credit card or online wallets. Digital mobile invoice encourages quicker payment, and it is hassle-free. 

What are the benefits of mobile invoices?

  • Fast 

When an invoice is not sent on time, it delays payments and affects cash flow. But with mobile invoicing, you can send invoices instantly. The instant invoice also encourages customers to pay on time. 

  • Convenience 

With mobile invoices, businesses will not have to take care of receipts or bills. They can easily make payments online with a debit or credit card or a payment wallet from anywhere they want. 

  • Cost-efficient 

Mobile invoicing can save you a lot of money. You will not have to spend on paper, ink and storage. You can also avoid hiring somebody to file the bills, organise and scan them manually. You can do all these functions online automatically at a reasonable price. 

  • Easier accounting 

Paper trails of bills are complicated to keep track of. It can slow down your accounting processes. Mobile invoicing is standardised and uniform. All the required information will be accessible from one centralised location, making accounting easier. 

  • Better storage 

The conventional means of storing receipts and bills always risk losing data. This can be avoided with mobile invoices. The data will automatically get stored and backed up. You will never lose the data again. 

How to use mobile invoices?

Following are essentials you need to accept mobile invoices:

  • Service provider: You need to find a trustworthy mobile payment provider to make sure customer data is safe. 
  • Encrypted data: The next step is to ensure that the customer data is encrypted. This makes sure that the secured and sensitive information is not exposed to any outside threats. 
  • Transaction history: You need to keep track of all the invoices sent and payments made. 
  • Guided tour: If a customer is not comfortable with mobile payment, you can show them how you process the invoice on your phone. 

Technologies such as mobile invoicing are extremely useful to small and medium-sized businesses. Mobile invoicing helps businesses to receive payments and manage billing from anywhere in the world with just their phones. It saves money and time and helps with accounting. It is convenient for businesses, but it also makes paying bills easier for the customers.