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The Ministry of Labour and Employment first launched the Employee's Provident Fund (EPF) in 1952. The ministry has actively managed and looked after the implementation of this fund since it contributes towards savings among working professionals in India. EPF scheme helps to provide social security to employees. It acts as a compulsory contributory fund for all employed professionals in our country.

Employees Provident Fund is an ideal scheme to build your savings throughout your career. However, it is mandatory to know your EPF account number to monitor all details of PF accounts. If you fail to receive your PF account number from your employer on time, make sure to note down your Universal Account Number (UAN) to manage your account. 

Read along this blog to find details about how to find the account numbers and more. 

What is PF Account Number?

PF account number, also denoted as an employee's provident fund (EPF) account number, is an account number that an employer allocates to their employees to check their EPF account status, balance available in their account, etc. Every employee must have a PF account number to withdraw from an EPF account.

Every employee must acquire their PF number while they are employed. Once they quit their jobs, it would be difficult for them to know their PF number. Moreover, since the introduction of Universal Account Number (UAN), it has become easier for employees to know the EPF number. 

The UAN is a universal number that links multiple IDs given by different employers to an employee’s PF accounts. A UAN is allotted to every employee and it remains the same throughout his/her employment life. Employers can generate new UAN numbers for respective employees by visiting EPFO's official portal. 

The PF number is a 22-digit alphanumeric number, an employer provides to an employee during EPF account opening. This number entails various details of an organisation, employee, state, and regional EPF office that looks after EPF account activities. 

Why is it Important to Know Your PF Account Number?

EPF account number is an important component of an EPF plan. Previously, no employees were allowed to borrow or move funds from one member ID to a new one unless and until they were issued an EPF number. However, the implementation of UAN has made this process simpler and easier. Now, the EPF account number acts as the primary identifier while the UAN is the secondary identifier of EPF accounts.

Apart from this, every employee must know how to get the PF account number for these reasons:

  • If you want to withdraw your EPF balance, your PF account number is mandatory.
  • Once an employer provides you with the PF account number, you can find out your UAN number easily.
  • If you want to check your EPF balance, you must enter the PF account number.
  • Employees will not be permitted to transfer their EPF balance from the former ID to their new one if they do not have a PF account number.

Therefore, it is no longer surprising why you should search for a PF account number if you misplace the same. 

PF Account Number Format

A PF account number comprises both alphabets and digits. Here is an example of what a PF account number looks like and every detail you get to know from this number. 

Let us consider a PF number as “MHMUM0012780000001313”. This number reveals the following information:

  • The initial two alphabets in the number denote the state. For example, UP stands for Uttar Pradesh, KA for Karnataka, MH for Maharashtra and so on
  • The next three letters denote the regional PF office code.
  • The first seven numbers show the establishment ID of your employer.
  • The next three numbers stand for the extension code of an establishment ID.
  • The last seven numbers indicate the actual EPF account number and remain specific to employees.

How to Find PF Account Number?

Usually, it is the responsibility of an employer to register a new employee for a PF number and allocate it on time. Furthermore, the employer must ensure the EPF amount is getting deposited on time monthly. If an employee does not get a new PF account number at the time of joining, he/she must ask for this number.

Moreover, if you are changing jobs, you must know how to find the PF account number. Your next employer will need your PF number to find your UAN and then can assign you a new PF number. 

In case, an employer fails to inform the employee of his/her PF account number, the employee must follow the below-mentioned steps to get this number:

  • By Checking Your Salary Slip: Usually, the EPF account number is mentioned on the salary slip of every employee. Hence, if an employee misses out on his/her account number, this is the first and foremost thing he/she can do.
  • By Asking Your Employer: An employee can enquire the Human Resource Department of their respective employers to get the PF account number.
  • By Visiting the EPFO Office: To collect the PF account number, an employee can visit the EPFO office. Here, every employee must provide all necessary details to receive the account number. Additionally, employees must carry proof of identity and fill out the application form.
  • By Using the UAN Portal: Every employee must know their UAN number. This will ease their process of achieving the PF account number on the EPFO portal. Logging into the EPFO portal, an employee will be able to access all PF details.


The Employee Provident Fund (EPF) stands as an important source of income for retirement. If you have enough knowledge about your Universal Account Number (UAN), you must know how to find EPF no and easily access your EPF balance and withdraw funds during times of emergency.

It is mandatory to know about the PF account number while withdrawing money from the EPF account. Thus, it will be beneficial to know about your PF account number as soon as possible. Otherwise, it might get difficult after you leave your current organisation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know my PF account number online?

You need to visit the page to know your PF account number online.

How to know my PF account number by name?

To find the PF account number by company name, you can find it in your salary slip or even reach out to HR or payroll department. They will provide you with the right PF account number. 

How to get a PF account number from UAN?

If an employee has his/her UAN number, he/she can get his/her PF account number by logging into the EPFO portal. 

How to find a PF account number using PAN?

To find out your PF account number using a PAN card, you need to visit the EPF portal. Enter all your PAN details, name, DOB, and CAPTCHA code along with your mobile number. On the screen, a ‘Get Authorisation PIN’ button will appear; click on it. 

Then, click on 'I Agree' and enter the OTP you received on your registered email ID. Finally, click on ‘Validate OTP and Get UAN’. This will provide you with the UAN number on your registered mobile number. 

Can I know my PF number with my Aadhaar card?

It is not possible to know your PF number by Aadhaar Card. You need to provide your UAN number to get the account number or check your PF balance.

How to know the PF account number with mobile number?

If your mobile number is linked with a PF account, you can get regular updates whenever any contribution is made. The facility is available by default. 

How to find the PF account number from a payslip?

On your payslip, the PF account number will be mentioned as a certain portion of deductions from salary. This portion contributes as a monthly payment towards your EPF account. 

How can I know my PF account number by SMS?

To know about the PF account number by SMS, you need to send a text message to 7738299899. The text message should include 'EPFOHO UAN ENG'. Here, UAN denotes your personal UAN number, and ENG stands for the three letters of your preferred language. 

How to find the PF account number of your previous company?

To find out the PF account number of your previous company, you should directly contact the HR department and request for PF account number. If not, employees can look for PF account numbers in their salary slips. In most cases, the number is mentioned on salary slips. 

How to know my PF account number by company name?

To find out your PF account number by company name, you need to visit the official EPFO site and enter the name of your company. Then, input the CAPTCHA code and then press 'Search'. 

Names of different branches of the company will appear, select the right branch to locate the company code. Try to pick out the PF number through contact with former employees who joined you in the organisation or after you.

How many digits is the PF account number?

PF account number comprises 22 unique characters assigned to employees who are eligible to avail the benefits of the Provident Fund. 

What is the PF account number example?

An example of a PF account number of “MHBAN000001600000000134”. Usually, a PF number looks like this. 

Is the PF account number and UAN the same?

No, a PF account number and a UAN number are not the same. 

Is the PF account number and member ID the same?

No, a PF account number and member ID are not the same. A member ID helps to track the PF account of an individual within an organisation. You can have only one UAN but several member IDs. 

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