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Problems faced in using Word for Invoicing with Solutions

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08 min read.

Microsoft Office comprises various applications, one of which is Microsoft Word. This is the word processing component of the Office Suite. It is commonly used to edit, format, print, save, and retrieve various documents. The user can create and edit newsletters, invoices, articles, and other text-based documents.

Problems faced in invoice template word

Issue 1: Not designed for collaborative work and prone to errors

Word was not built for collaborative work. While attempts may be made to collaborate over a single invoice template Word document, there is a relatively high potential for errors. These include duplication or incorrect data being fed into the document, thus setting off a chain of inaccuracies and inconsistencies. 

There is a need for extra vigilance to be followed by everyone, which leads to double-triple checking carried out by each person in the organisation. This activity leads to a waste of time and resources, thus slowing down the decision making process.

Issue 2: Word invoicing fails to meet professional standards

Since Word has a limited number of invoice templates that can be used, more often than not, your invoice will be identical to that of several other businesses. There is a tendency to send out the invoices without the business logo and associated colours or formatting issues. There is also the possibility of missing out on vital information in the invoice to send it out on time.

Issue 3: Invoice template word is comparatively expensive for better invoicing

The free version of Word has limited features. In comparison to Word, there are numerous alternative word processing documents with better functionalities that are either free or cheaper than Microsoft Word. Word is still very basic in terms of the features offered. Moreover, it is not very user-friendly. 

Mastery over Word for setting a process for ‘invoice template word’ can take quite a long time. Sufficient investment must be made to access good features to make invoices look intuitive and professional.

Issue 4: Prone to virus attacks due to lack of security 

The popularity and frequent use of Microsoft Word is what makes it vulnerable to hacks and virus attacks. Since Microsoft Word is one the most popular word processing documents globally, one must be extremely careful when sharing the documents since corrupted word files could undoubtedly cause a threat to the computer’s functioning. 

The security and control features concerning ‘invoice template word’ are also pretty basic, making it all the more vulnerable to data manipulation.

Issue 5: Large files

It doesn’t help the fact that Microsoft Word is a space hog. In an informal bench test that was performed, it was found that a 550-word text document saved in .txt (text) format took up approximately 3.5 kilobytes. However, when saved in .doc (Microsoft Word) format without any other changes, that same document turned out to be 17 kilobytes. 

Issue 6: Backward compatibility

Microsoft Word has released many versions of the software over the years. However, this seems to have created another major issue. The newer versions of Word do not always fare well with the older versions, thus giving rise to a compatibility issue. The data in the older versions sometimes appears skewed and distorted, which causes more of a problem than making it easy for the user.

Issue 7: Load handling

Although Word is a popularly valuable tool even today, it does come with its fair share of problems. One such issue is load handling. The more data in the document, the harder it is to work on it since its load-bearing ability isn’t the best. There have been numerous reports of the program crashing when the data in the document is heavy. If the data entered in the particular document is voluminous, there is a high chance that the file will lag and make the programme relatively slow.

Issue 8: Vulnerable to fraud and human error

There is no automatic calculation available on invoice template Word. A simple arithmetical error such as a missing negative sign could cause significant alterations to the data, thus resulting in misleading information. The lack of control features, as mentioned above, makes Word prone to fraud and corruption. 

Since there are no proper security features in place, the data may be easily manipulated, and fictitious vouchers may be created with minimal effort, thus painting a very different picture of business operations. The lack of security also enables fraudsters and embezzlers to carry out their acts with ease.

Furthermore, signing invoices on invoice template Word becomes cumbersome. Also, it becomes tough to establish the authenticity of invoice authorisation.

Issue 9: Inability to perform arithmetical functions
When it comes to invoicing, performing arithmetical functions is a necessity. In Microsoft Word, although there is a tool to perform calculations, it is very basic and more of a problem than a solution. The calculator tool is hidden and has to be added by customising the ribbon. However, when it comes to invoicing, one would rather choose Microsoft Excel over Word.

Solutions to counter the invoice template word issues

Today, several tools offer better features over the basic functionalities of Word. Moreover, these products also solve most of the challenges encountered with Word.

Tools such as ClearOne is a customised e-invoicing software that enables businesses to raise, share and record professional and GST-compliant invoices and various documents effectively. 

The prominent features are given below:

  • Unlike invoice template word, documents raised on ClearOne can be shared with clients and customers over WhatsApp, emails, or just as an invoice link, making accessibility easy.
  • It is convenient to create e-way bills and e-invoices from a tax invoice with a click of a button.
  • The ClearOne web app can be synced with the ClearOne mobile app, making it highly accessible and easy to use.
  • Since the data is shared over the cloud backed by SSL encryption, security and data backup are never issues.
  • Generate various insightful reports for invoices and documents raised, easing the burden of manual collation of data.