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Online Invoicing for Small Businesses

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08 min read.

Business process automation is all the rage right now. More and more businesses are learning to integrate technology with their business functions, understanding how it eases processes. Online invoicing is one such area that’s becoming more and more popular today.

  • Cost reduction

Storing physical papers, booklets, files and associated stationery had purchase costs and storage costs associated with them. Online invoicing eliminates the need to store all of these physically, thus saving the business money and physical office space.

  • Saves time

The creation and sending of invoices are simplified with today’s invoicing software. This allows the business person to focus on key business activities and thereby improve the overall efficiency of the business processes.

  • Invoices can be scheduled

Setting up functions that automate certain tasks with regard to invoicing really helps with the smooth functioning of the invoicing process. For instance, one can schedule the invoices to be sent to a specific client at a particular time and on a particular date. This helps the user stay on top of invoicing clients on time.

  • Anywhere access of invoices

Software these days are both web-based and app-based and thus can be accessed through a laptop or the user’s smartphone. This helps the user gain easy access to critical business information on a real-time basis, thus facilitating convenience.

  • Regular and timely reminders

Just as invoices can be scheduled, reminders can be scheduled as well. The software will allow the user to set notes and reminders for a specific client and notify them of upcoming due dates and outstanding balances.

  • Reduction of errors

There is a very high probability of human error and mistakes committed in traditional paper invoicing. The software picks up on any inconsistencies or aptly filled information and issues a warning. This reduces the probability of errors to an acceptable level.

  • Invoice customisation and branding

A company’s invoice is a reflection of its brand image. The software provides various template options with sleek, professional designs to suit your needs. The option to customise the invoice to add the relevant details to suit business needs is also an inbuilt feature in the invoicing software.

  • Data security and storage

Online invoicing software comes with SSL encryption as a security feature for all sensitive company data. This ensures that the invoices sent to the client are sent through safe, secure, encrypted means.

  • Overview of company finances

Online invoicing software uses data analytics to generate reports that enable you to monitor the company’s overall financial health, track the accounts receivables, sources of cashflow, etc. A detailed report of the invoices generated along with the respective due dates may also be easily generated.

  • Environment friendly

The use of paper is eliminated with online invoicing. Through this, it contributes its bit toward sustainability and the protection of the environment. The carbon footprint of invoices, when taken on a global scale, is massive. Therefore, reducing it could positively impact the overall environmental health.

  • Professional and modern

Online invoicing helps speed up the process and takes care of many hurdles that traditional invoicing has. It depicts a sense of professionalism, modernity and purpose, which leaves a positive and lasting impression in the clients’ minds.