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Various quotation formats or templates

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08 min read.

There are various quotation templates available in the market. A business can choose the best one which suits its business needs and industry requirements.

Deciding which quotation format or template best suits your business

A business quotation plays a very important role in increasing the sales of the organisation. A seller usually sends quotations to the prospective buyer giving a detailed report of the product it offers. Thus, a quotation serves as a very important communication link between the buyer and the seller. So, choosing the format which is best suitable for the business is very important. One must consider the below factors while choosing the format which is best suitable for business:

  • The size of the business and the nature of goods and services it supplies
  • The industry in which it operates and the level of competition in the industry.
  • Customer needs and preferences
  • Tax compliances to be met

Quotation templates widely used in India

  1. Manual paper-based quotation- This is the oldest method of sending quotations. But, this method is time-consuming and non-environment friendly. Managing physical records is difficult. 
  2. Using word formats- There are various word formats available for sending quotations. It is best suitable for small business professionals. But, as the business grows, it becomes time-consuming software to use word formats as it requires manual entry and formatting.

3. Using excel formats- One can easily make calculations using the excel format. It fails to create professional booking quotations and also restrictions on offline use may lead to backup issues.


4. Google docs or spreadsheet- This keeps your data 100% safe. It will never get lost. It is also shareable with options of edit, view and suggestion mode. But it requires manual entry which makes it time-consuming and prone to errors.

Download the sample quotation template for free

5. Using tools- One can use various software available in the market for creating quotations. It reduces manual efforts and at the same time creates professional-looking quotations.

ClearOne invoicing software, available on web portals and as an app, allows you to generate professional-looking quotations with several options of quotation templates to choose from.

Advantages of using quotation formats or templates

Having a proper system in place for sending quotations is very crucial for a business to grow. The availability of various formats for sending quotations makes it easy for a business to customise its quotation as per specific business needs. This customisation adds to the brand value of the organisation. Some of the other advantages of using quotation formats are:

  • These formats are easily available.
  • These templates can be accessed from cloud-based tools, and various formats can be used such as .doc, .xls, csv, etc.
  • A business can organise its customer details, which can be used for future business deals.

A business can make necessary updates in the templates as per business and industry needs.

One must keep in mind the following points while choosing a quotation template:

  • Choose an easy to edit template and then customise it as per your business requirements.
  • Choose a simple format so that it is easy to understand.
  • The format should be as per business needs, and all the product details should be incorporated in the same format.