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With the economy booming and the Sensex crossing new heights almost every month, many new investors are getting attracted towards equity. While investing directly in equities can be a risky proposition, novice investors can choose equity mutual funds as they offer the benefits of reduced risks and opportunities for long-term wealth creation.

There are a plethora of schemes available in the market, and at times it is difficult for investors to zero in on the funds that are best suited for their investment goals. Hence, we have taken rigorous efforts to shortlist some top-performing funds across categories which should serve as a guide for your investments.

Equity large-cap funds

Large-cap equity mutual funds are schemes wherein the fund house will invest the money in companies with large market capitalisation and well-established track records. Large-cap funds are known for being stable and comparatively less prone to massive changes. These schemes can generate sustainable returns over a period of time but could be outperformed by mid- and small-cap funds.

Fund 1-year returns (%) Category returns (%)
Reliance Vision 25.88 20.92
Mirae Asset India Opportunities 26.36 20.92
ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip 24.48 20.92

Returns as on 1 November 2017

Equity multi-cap funds

Multi-cap mutual funds are diversified across market capitalisations and invest in companies across the equity market. The fund manager has the liberty to change the portfolio depending on the market conditions. With multi-cap funds, the gains in the bull markets are higher; whereas in bearish markets, the losses can be curtailed.

Fund 1-year returns (%) Category returns (%)
DSP BlackRock Opportunities   23.82 22.90
Aditya Birla Sun Life Advantage 23.05 22.90
SBI Magnum Multicap 22.45 22.90

Returns as on 1 November 2017

Equity mid- and small-cap funds

These mutual funds invest in companies that are termed as mid- and small-cap companies. The mix of investment between the companies varies from fund to fund. The potential for return on investments is quite high and so are the risks involved.

Fund 1-year returns (%) Category returns (%)
Aditya Birla Sun Life Pure Value 33.24 22.63
SBI Small and Midcap 32.78 22.63
Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip 28.21 22.63

Returns  as on 1 November 2017

Debt income funds

Income mutual funds are meant for long-term debt investors. Macroeconomic factors like interest rate, inflation, liquidity, and government policies have a strong influence on income funds.

Fund 1-year returns (%) Category returns (%)
SBI Regular Savings 10.20 7.04
Axis Regular Savings 8.37 7.04
HDFC Medium Term Opportunities 7.83 7.04

Returns as on 1 November 2017

Debt dynamic bond

Dynamic bond funds follow a flexible investment strategy, opening up the possibility of comparatively higher returns. The fund management team will change the investment strategy from short- or long-term based on their views and expectations of the interest rate scenario as well as the economy on the whole.

Fund 1-year returns (%) Category returns (%)
ICICI Prudential Long Term 8.37 6.45
SBI Dynamic Bond 8.17 6.45
ICICI Prudential Dynamic Bond 6.96 6.45

Returns as on 1 November 2017

Debt short-term

As the name suggests, the target for these debt funds is short-term, which is usually up to three years. These funds invest debt instruments with maturity of up to three years. This type of fund is ideal for moderate risk investors to get better returns than other fixed income options like FDs.

Fund 1-year returns (%) Category returns (%)
Aditya Birla Sun Life Short Term 7.84 7.56
HDFC Regular Savings 7.62 7.56
HDFC Short Term Opportunities 7.55 7.56

Returns as on 1 November 2017

Balanced funds

This category of funds invest in equity as well as debt. At least 65% of their portfolio is invested in equity, which allows investors to enjoy the long-term taxation benefits of equity funds. Balanced funds are ideal for investors who looking for long-term growth with mitigated risks.

Fund 1-year returns (%) Category returns (%)
Reliance Regular Savings – Balanced 21.54 15.61
ICICI Prudential Balanced 20.35 15.61
HDFC Balanced 19.32 15.61

Returns as on 1 November 2017

These are some of the top-performing mutual funds of 2017 that can give you good returns on your investments.

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