GST Rates & HSN Code for Vegetable Material for Plaiting, Katha, Betel Leaves, & Products such as Cotton Linters, Coconut Shells, Bidi Wrapper and others.

HSN Code Description Rate (%) Effective From CESS (%) Related Export / Import HSN Code
1401 Vegetable materials of a kind used primarily for plaiting (for example, bamboos, rattans, reeds, rushes, osier, raffia, cleaned, bleached or dyed cereal straw, and lime bark) 27/07/2018
1401 Sal leaves, siali leaves, sisal leaves, sabai grass 5 28/06/2017 14011000, 14012000, 14019010, 14019090
1404 Vegetable products not elsewhere specified or included such as cotton linters, Cotton linters, Soap nuts, Hard seeds, pips, hulls and nuts, of a kind used primarily for carving, (coconut shell, unworked deleted w.e.f 14/11/2017), Rudraksha seeds [other than bidi wrapper leaves (tendu), betel leaves, Indian katha, ( inserted w.e.f 14/11/2017 :coconut shell, unworked ] [other than 14049010,14049040,14049050] 5 28/06/2017 14042000, 14049021, 14049029, 14049030, 14049060, 14049070, 14049090
1404 Unworked coconut shell NIL 10/11/2017 14042000, 14049021, 14049029, 14049030, 14049060, 14049070, 14049090
14049050 Indian katha 18 28/06/2017
14049040 Betel leaves NIL 28/06/2017
14049010 Bidi wrapper leaves (tendu) 18 28/06/2017
14049090 Vegetable materials, for manufacture of jhadoo or broom sticks”; 27/07/2018

Disclaimer: Rates given below are updated as per 31st GST council meeting held on 22nd December 2018 to the best of our information. There may be variations due to Government's latest updates. We are not responsible for any wrong information. Against each rate, please check the "Effective from" date. If you need to check a rate before "Effective from", please check on government website.

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