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Today's Silver Rate in kochi
14th April 2023

Silver Price Chart and Trend in Kochi

Silver Price Per Gram/KG in Kochi Today

1 gm10 gm100 gm1 Kg
( 1.2)
( 12)
( 120)
( 1200)

Silver Rate in Kochi for Last 10 Days

Date10 Gram1 Kilogram
13 Apr 2023
( 4)
( 400)
12 Apr 2023
( 10)
( 1000)
11 Apr 2023
( 4)
( 400)
10 Apr 2023
( 2)
( 200)
9 Apr 2023
(0 )
(0 )
8 Apr 2023
(0 )
(0 )
7 Apr 2023
( 2)
( 200)
6 Apr 2023
( 7)
( 700)
5 Apr 2023
( 29)
( 2900)
4 Apr 2023
( 7)
( 700)

Historical Silver Price in Kochi

Silver Rate10 Gram1 Kilogram

Silver Price Movement March 2023


Silver Price Movement February 2023


Silver Price Movement January 2023


Silver Price Movement December 2022


Silver Price Movement November 2022

Silver System in India

Gold is not all that glitter. Silver might not be as expensive as gold, but its demand is no less. Some even call it 'gold of the poor'. Considered highly auspicious, it is common for many Indian households to use silverware and even gift them to loved ones on festive occasions. Not to mention, silver jewellery are timeless and it is here to stay. Silver rates in India (like gold) is subject to market change. In this article, we will explore this topic in detail.

  1. 1. Silver Rate in India
    Many an investor keep a close eye on the fluctuating silver rates. It helps them to invest at the right time and also study the market fairly accurately. Silver rates in India are dependent on factors like inflation, supply and occasion among others.
  2. 2. How to invest in Silver?
    Silver is more suited for long-term investors as it is an appreciatory commodity and takes time for price appreciation. There are many ways to invest in silver - choose one based on your investment needs.

    Silver bars or coins (bullions) - You can buy coin or bar from any authorized store or even from a bank. This way, you save on making charges.

    Silver jewellery and ornaments - Silver ornaments are as favored by Indians as gold. However, you must always go for sterling silver with the 925 hallmark. This indicates that the silver is 92.5% pure.

    Silver stocks - This is a popular way of investing as silver is a reliable long-term investment that can act as a hedge in volatile markets. The price to be pais is as per that day's silver rate in the city.

    E-silver - Electronic silver or e-silver solves the storage issue of physical silver. You can directly trade them on NSEL (National Spot Exchange Limited).
  3. 3. Factors Affecting Silver Price in India
    Less Supply and More Demand - Use of silver has increased manifold in India. Many consider it auspicious and hence the demand will never go down. Due to limited supply, it will remain expensive. Things like a strike in the mining field or production company or finding a new use for it can also surge the price.

    Technology and electronic trends - Many electronic goods and latest technology find silver irreplaceable and this impacts its cost. As the IT hub and Silicon Valley of India, this is particularly true for India.

    Inflation - Similarly, if income becomes less, so will the expenditures and hence the purchase of silver (among others). However, investors see silver as an investment that acts as a hedge against inflation. So, even as currency value drops, silver assures protection against losses in purchasing power.

    Gold Prices - Yes, as surprising it is, gold prices do affect silver prices. Simply put, silver always follow gold when it comes price hikes or drops.

    Interest Rates - Base interest rate is an indicator of general market conditions. Since silver investments aim for long-term appreciation rather than current returns, market prices usually have an inverse association with the changing rates.

    Government and RBI Guidelines - As a popular precious metal, silver prices depend on changing policies and actions. For instance, while gold is used as the reserve, many central banks across the world transact silver bullion.

    Crude prices - Silver mining is an intense process that requires high energy. Hence, its price relies on the oil prices. Volatility in one sector certainly pulls down the other.
  4. 4. Silver Purity
    You can find silver of different grades and purities. They are generally categorized as below. Fine Silver - 99.9% silver mostly used for industrial applications. It is not used for jewellery-making. Sterling Silver - This is the 925 hallmark silver every silver ornament lover knows about. For jewellery, this is the purest and most malleable